Bearing Break-in Period

So…how long do you think it takes?

In a related question, how do you know when your bearing is broken in?

In another related question, when would you ever need to buy a new bearing?



It takes a couple of days, or even a month. You know it is broken in, when you flick it, and it spins for a much longer period then when you got it. Also, you buy a new bewaring, when you’re old one is dead.

buy a new one when your old bearing is dead. this is meaning no longer spinning or playing vary poorly like i need to replace my kk bearing soon. later and keep it spinning.

I’ve had mine for a month and a half and it is just now breaking in.


depends on how you play it, and what’s been done to the yo yo.

i usually play all my yo yos stock. no cleanin’ the bearin’, futzin’ w/ the string, centerin’ the axle, etc, etc.

take it out of the box…put it on my finger. and yo yo. if i’m goin’ to spend good money on a yo yo, it should play per it’s design out of the box, no?

just play it, until it feels right to you. bearings usually last a good long time w/ proper maintenance. but i would urge you to play it stock first…and then decide what may need to be done/or just play through it.



also…how many licks does it take to get the center of a tootsie roll pop? hehe

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Only around 5 mins for me. I throw really hard.

Dremel it.

Put it on a drill with some sort of post to go through the center of the bearing and run it for a few minutes.

Impatient? Stubborn bearing? Run it longer.

I don’t do this. I need every excuse I can to play, so I’ll just use the excuse “breaking in the bearing” to just throw.

Why did you feel the sudden, urgent need to bump a 3 year old topic? Especially one that has been discussed numerous time in the recent past.

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I think we need an auto-lock for any threads 90 days idle to prevent this. There’s been a big trend recently in necro threads coming back to life.

When you get a fresh yoyo it is either smooth as butter or responsive as a old school Tom kuhn. But it is broken in for me when the yoyo will start to have a vibe ( little or big ) or even if it tilts

“Breaking in” a bearing is just a term used in the yoyo world for pushing away all the excess grease and oil away from the balls and races.

Yeah and when a bearing comes with a lot of lube it can be an annoying time.

Or don’t lube really hard. It all depends on how much lube is in the bearing. It can take weeks it can take minutes. There is not much that you can do to speed it up besides cleaning it or spinning it on a dremel (not recommended). You can do a lot of gyro flops which help a little but that’s about it.

YYJ bearings come with a lot of thick lube. One drop of thin lube and maybe 5 throws and my yoyo is dead unresposive.

Some bearings do not require a “break in” period…

Hint hint…

You only want to lube it with one drop because any more and it will A) slow down the bearing B) make it responsive for a long time and C) the lube could come out and get on the response pads.

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