How long does it take you break a bearing



Depends, for me 1 hour of play


Depends on how you play and how many times you drop it.


just a few seconds if i use a hammer.

Oh you meant break IN!

just a few hours.


Oh to break in that depends my legacy 2s bearing took for forever to break in!


The world may never know.


Depends, I say it’s broken in after about a week of good play, or a good 20-30 min on the dremel, with some lubricant inside.


I you throw the same one a day or two.


when i started yoyoing it took me 2 hours
now it takes about 13 minutes of continuous play


If break in you mean take a fully lubed bearing and play it till it is unresponsive? then a week or two.
If you mean after you have cleaned it, and only added a drop or two of super thin lube, then about an hour or two.

(WildCat23) #11

Given a hammer or something else suitable, about 3 seconds.

If you mean breaking in, it usually takes me about an hour or two of play, depending on the bearing.


About half an hour


Not sure if you are asking:

  1. How long does it take a bearing to “break” due to wear and tear (bearing life span)?
  2. How long does it take for a bearing to “break” in?

I guess either question would depend on the type of bearing, it’s quality, extent and duration of usage. If you are curious about the “average life span” of a bearing, the first one…good question. I would like to know too. I have not been yo-yoing long enough to find out. :-\


Wait… Like… breaking your bearing means it becomes unresponsive? Is that bad? Does that mean you need to get a new one? Cause I’ve been playing for 5 days now and I haven’t changed anything…


As far as life span of a bearing, I have bearing in yoyos that still work fine from the late 90’s. a couple with super amounts of play time on them.


no like an hour of spinning it also helps the spin it on a pencil.