Is my bearing dead? seeking bearing advice

So I’ve had this ceramic konkave for about a week (used for 2 hours per day).
Fresh from the box, i flicked it with my finger, and it spun for 5 seconds.
I put it in my yoyo, and slept for about 3 minutes.
A few days ago, I threw it, it slept for about 20-30 seconds, I heard a loud click, and the yoyo stopped dead, suddenly (and happened more than once).
I deshielded, cleaned it in acetone, and put a small pinpoint drop of singer sewing oil in, and it now spins for about 2 minutes, with a rattle noise (not a hissing/humming noise). There is definitely enough lube, because it’s quiet, except for the rattle (ticking) noise.

As a comparison, the stock center-track bearing that came with the yoyo spins for 15 seconds when I flick it, but it makes an audible hum noise, and no clicking.
The stock yoyojam bearing spins for about 5 seconds from a flick, and is quiet.

Is it time to replace the bearing?
Any bearing recommendations? I prefer the groove in the middle, because my throw isn’t that good yet.
Has anyone gotten a good ceramic kk bearing?

I am not sure if this will answer your question or not, but here goes.

I have had that problem before. After a good bearing clean, it stopped. It was happening in my Marmot, and now when ever I get a new yoyo (or bearing) I spin it slowly around the axle and listen/feel for any clicks. If I feel/hear them, then I clean the bearing. Sometimes it can take more than one cleaning.

Yup, if you still feel a catch/click while you roll your fingers across it then you need to clean it again.

Thanks everyone, I’ll clean it a few more times.
Glad to know that my bearing might still be good.