Does your dark magic vibrate

my vibrates pretty bad, would a new barren help?

I doubt a new bearing will help your vibe. Have you tried cleaning or lubing the bearing? Your bearing may need to be cleaned and/or lubed.

The amount of vibration in my DM depends on my throw, but even on my best throw there is one side that always is out of whack due to a manufacturing defect in my DM. It doesn’t effect play though.

Sometimes but can hardly be seen, a some are noticable when the string is rubbing hardly on the starburst side. Is your DM new?

If the bearing’s really dry yeah.

Make sure nothing is in the bearing seat, maybe clean the bearing, and DMs will sometimes have a slight vibe but not anything that affects play. Mine does.

Yea its brand new, i already broke the string it came with i think the o ring did it

An o-ring is pretty much incapable of breaking strings. More than likely it was either the starburst or the string was just really worn. Put your thumb nail against the metal of the yoyo and see if it stops vibrating. If it does, it’s your throw. Practice throwing the yoyo straighter. If it doesn’t help, try unscrewing the yoyo a tiny bit until it stops. If none of this helps, send an email to yoyojam.

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