Protostar VS Onestar


Hey all,

I’m thinking of getting a plastic yoyo for my bag at school. My two finalists are the YYF Protostar, and the YYF Onestar. I’m not sure which one I will buy because I want to balance durability, grinds, desirability (people won’t want to steal it) and grinds. Which do you think is the best buy?



The Protostar is a much better yoyo. The addition of the aluminium weight rings gives it superior stability and spin to the all plastic, light weight Onestar. You can get blasted Protostars as well which will be better for grinds, although having not played one myself I can’t comment on just how well they grind.

Don’t get me wrong, the Onestar is very cheap, and a good little yoyo for the price, so if you’re that worried about it getting stolen at least you can buy a new Onestar for a lot cheaper than replaying the Protostar. However price aside, the Protostar is the superior yoyo.

As far as people stealing it, keep it hidden away and out of sight when you’re not using it. If someone is the kind of person to steal a plastic yoyo they’ve probably nick it regardless of what model it is. :stuck_out_tongue:


The onestar is great, but it’s definitely great as a budget yoyo. I look at it like a step up from a starter yoyo, in that regard. I can push a 30 second combo out of it, but that’s the extent of it and it’s usually close to dying, so I don’t often use it for experimenting or learning new tricks because of this. The protostar/shaqlerstar/northstar have the same shape, but are typically smoother, weighter, and spin as long as a fairly typical metal. I don’t have any issues with sleep time in that regard. Not my personal favorite, but it’s good and the difference in cost is definitely evident in the level of play you can get out of it.