onestar vs surge? or just get darkmagic?

what do you guys think ive heard good about all of the following, onestar surge and darkmagic but cant decide

I haven’t actually played a onestar or surge, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. It sounds to me like you’re looking for a first/beginner friendly yoyo? If you know how to bind, the sky is the limit. But if you want the ability to start with responsive, and then move on to unresponsive easily with the same yoyo, I would recommend a yyj classic with the purchase of an unresponsive bearing, and some spare strings.

and some flowable silicone possibly?
oh i have also tried the onestar its good but really a yyj classic is better

All three yoyos are just so different.

The OneStar is rather light, solid feeling, good spinner, but dies out if you’re trying to push it, as well as getting unstable and will wobble. It’s good. I like it. I just got my son one at Nationals at his request.

The Surge is heavy, plays kind of heavy, but not in a bad way. It’s a mover and can grind OK. Very solid, must be heavy plastic and a mostly or completely FULL mold. No problem pushing fast or slow.

The DM2 is more balanced. While a bit on the heavy side at being close to 70 grams, it doesn’t play that heavy because the weight is where it needs to be. Solid, stable. I’m gonna be more picky on the DM2 because it is a favorite of mine. It’s smooth but it does have that YYJ plastic/metal vibe, but unless you’re fixated on it, there’s no issues to worry about. Grinds are OK, and it does have an IRG for thumb grinds. but you need to take the caps out to really use this well. The highwall shape makes it not suitable for horizontal play. Of the three, this is the only one that is responsive/unresponsive.

If you’re considering the DM2 and a beginner, get it. If budget is an issue, get the Legacy II. By the time you get to more advanced stuff, like horizintal or a big need to grind, you’ll have purchased a yoyo better suited for that, maybe even a metal.

What are your needs? Where are your skills? What is your budget? Are you open to other suggestions?

I have a ONEstar and Surge. I like them both.

The ONEstar is really good. It is light though.
The Surge is oversized and really heavy.

It depends on what you like. If you don’t like either, go for a DM2. I have never thrown one so I have no idea where to put it.

I really dont think the onestar is that light, or i just like the weight on it. It isn’t very stable. Like studio said, it will die js you try to go fast. I’ve only tried the surge once, it was good, but i like my upgraded classic much more (thanks studio!)

You’re welcome. I actually like that oreo cookie Classic I opened up for you more than my Surge. I just like how the weight is better.

If you have the money buy the Darkmagic 2 and please don’t forget the $5 shinwoo light kit, this is the best way you can spend your money in my opinion, but ifyou want to stay under 20 bucks then definitely go with the surge I love mine it’s a higher walled plastic that is stable spins well and enjoys enjoys the string tricks.

This is the route I went. I bought the surge and played it and still play it but wasn’t quiet thrilled because I knew I needed the dm2 and wasn’t happy until I finally bought the toxic frog edition and the shinwoo light kit but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love my surge it just meant I knew I needed a dm2 and wouldn’t stop thinking about it until I got one and now I want a second or a third so I can play two responsive and have lights in them both hehehe.

Either way happy hunting and I hope you enjoy your purchase!

That’s gonna ad 4 grams of weight to the yoyo by adding the light kit if you do that to a DM2. While still playable, it’s just too heavy for my tastes at that weight.

Are you speculating again? Or do you own a Darkmagic 2 and a shinwoo light kit?

If it’s speculation then Pick up a Darkmagic 2 and the light kit then we’ll have reason to discuss this non existent difference in weight (on the Darkmagic 2 there is zero effect on play) concerning the lights and the Darkmagic 2 if you hate it so much I’ll find a way to buy the light kit and the dm2 from you.

OP the weight is of no concern, but the amount of fun that is added with the lighting is a ton. :slight_smile: 8)

I have a 5 DM2’s, a Shinwoo light kid and a digital scale. No speculation. I speak from first-hand experience.

I put the light kit in a DM2 and I disliked how it played, so I remove the light kit and all was good again. To me, it just felt too heavy, and for me it was. I’m saving the lighting kit for an offstring. I bought the lighting kit for an off-string anyways.

Adding 4 grams of weight is a significant amount of weight for a 1A yoyo. In the DM2, it shifts the weight as if adding a weight ring just after the metal rims. Some people might not like it.

How long did you play with the lights in? Was it just a simple flick and a few minutes then instant condemnation?

I tried it for about a week. It just didn’t feel right from the get-go, and the more I played it, it didn’t change anything. I tried to like it, but it just wasn’t happening.

Clearly, your preferences and my preferences are not the same. I’m fine with that.

No offense to yye, but I wouldn’t buy silicone from them. You can get silicone from the 99 cent store…

I prefer to get it from an auto parts store. It’s in stock most of the time, either the same or cheaper, and boom: right there, no waiting and no shipping. Can’t beat that!

Thanks for all ur oppions guys I bought me a surge before I came back to check this post I made :frowning: I will prb end up getting me a darkmagic 2 also ive heard great things and like the fact that it is balanced, my surge will be here tom so we shall see :slight_smile:

Surge is such a great yoyo! Have fun and throw hard!