Finnaly received my Surge

well I finnaly got my surge in my first unresponsive yoyo, It seems heavy and tiring when practicing my double or nothings and matrix im trying to learn, should I have jut went with DM2 open to suggestions

Lol no.
Yoyos are yoyos man. Just use it. a week from now you won’t even notice any difference.

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you´ll do just fine with the surge… its a little tough to get into yoyoing at first, but once you got the very basics down, it will pay off greatly! so just keep practicing and a surge is just fine for the start

Only thing I’m going to recommend is getting shims for it. And if you end up wanting something else I’d go with the Hitman X over the DM2.

Did-e-yo style shims? And .10" or .30" shims?

shims for the surge? I haven’t heared anything of them? what are they used for?

They are used to widen the gap of the yoyo, thereby making it less responsive. Many complain about how the Surge’s gap is especially thin when compared to its other modern day counterparts.

Find 'em here:


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so im assuming that the thick shims make the gap wider?

Both sizes make the gap wider. It just depends how much wider you want it/how unresponsive you want the yoyo to be.

They are thin metal circles that sit between the bearing and the yoyo half to wide the gap.

That’s sort of what draws me to he surge I like its semi high walls and thin gap to play a little on the responsive side and offers me a more old school yoyo feel.

Instead of shim run an extremely thin string like the g-string’s solo once it breaks in it becomes incredibly thin.

I like thin YYJ Shims in it with normal kitty. Just wide enough gap for string to easily pass and just thin enough for great trick binds.

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I have dif-e-yo shims they are metal and own them in both two sizes, so I guess my question is how do those differ from the yyj shims and sizes?

The listing doesn’t say if yyj are plastic or metal nor does it give thickness other the gray is thin and red (or was it orange?) is thick.

Thanks for any info if you happen to know the answers.

ive been using poly string on it today and its getting really twisty does that mean I need to replace already? and my surge doesn’t respond at all unless I bind it so…
and these shims you speak of, I seen the two types the colored ones and the grey and black

@myname why do you say hitman over the DM2??? ive been looking close at them

String tension will worsen as it is used more, but you do certain tricks to loosen it.

what string tricks losen it?

The Hitman X is a lot more refined, the wall isn’t straight up its at a slight angle, so you’ll get longer spin times, also it’s a newer design so it will most likely play smoother. Just my opinion, I don’t actually see a big difference between the two but that little difference on the Hitman seems like it would make it outplay the DM2

how is string play with hitman?

and does it come with a c bearing?