YYJ Surge Review

Hey guys. This is my first review, so I’ll try to make it good. I figured I’d make one since there aren’t really any reviews out on it.

The surge is a new yoyo by YYJ, said to play better than anything in its price range. Can the surge truly hold up to its competition? Let’s find out!

What you get:
YYJ Speed bearing (10 ball)
Crappy white string (whatever… We all have extra strings)

First impressions: Out of the box, the surge had a nice feel, but some of the edges were sharp. This was easily fixed by sanding each half on a drill. The yoyo felt very solid when I picked it up, and a bit heavy on the first throw. However, the yoyo seemed capable of most tricks without a hitch.

Design: Overall, the yoyo seems very well designed. It has a nice shape, silicone response, and a 10 ball bearing. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/06/25/2ydunuga.jpg

The shape is very reminiscent the G2 Albatross. A simple, organic catch zone…

The only part of the design I feel could be better is the gap size. While I didn’t experience much snagging or accidental binding, more than a few layers of string can make the yoyo slow down drastically. However, it does not prove to be an issue most of the time.

Play: While the yoyo feels kind of heavy, it still moves nicely on the string. Grinds could hurt a bit until I sanded down some of the plastic, just because the excess plastic was a bit sharp. I personally wish the caps were like the ones on the theory, but it is not a huge deal since thumb/finger grinds aren’t exactly the most common tricks. The yoyo felt very stable, and never really spun out on me unless it had too many layers of string. The size, shape, and weight make this feel like a very long spinner.

Conclusion: Even though it has a cheap price tag, the play says completely otherwise. With great stability, long sleep times, and an extremely low price tag, the Surge is a no brainer. If you like Bang for your buck, this is a great buy.

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Nice review. I like how you compared it to the albatross.


Yours was sharp? Hmm, maybe you got a bad one, but mine was fine.

Yeah it had jagged plastic on the edges of the caps.

Glad I’m not the only one who noticed how rubbish that string was, haha.

The gap is very small, which tends to cause it to lose spin in long combos, which is a shame because it’s suprisingly stable otherwise.

I’d definately recommend one to anyone just starting out, especially because the small gap helps with binds, but personally I wish it had a more sensible sized gap for those of us who like to throw a lot of string in there.

Still, fantastic yoyo for the price.

I have a feeling the small gap may not turn out too bad. Once the pads wear down, I have a feeling it will be perfect.

It’s thin for me personally because I’m used to pretty wide gaps. I might shim it. Even once the pads wear in, I think it’ll still feel thin.

Yes, the string was total crap haha I think it’s my new recommend to beginners yoyo because it has nice tight binds and it is stable. I really love the tight binds, but not at the expense of spin time. Especially with thick string… No ammo in here haha

I am definitely getting one of these on my next purchase. I am super excited for the massive size and weight, and I actually think the the tiny gap will be kinda cool for trick binds.

I have a pair of metal shims I put in my surge. Helped a lot, no more snags and still very smooth play.

yup the surge is nice it seemed to snag on the binds a bit butt not to bad great reveiw by the way and if you wanna see the surge in action here it is

I have not had one problem with the gap size. This is an absolutely stellar yoyo at this price.

Technical stuff can get mildly snaggy. Also, you can’t really get away letting string get fuzzy… But yes. The yoyo is incredible for the $20 I paid.

can’t wait I have one in the mail. might shim it depends, but I don’t do much string layer stoof so i thin I’ll be fine

How about using kitty string slim.Is that a good idea because of the gap size

I know its an old review… but its still relevant. And I don’t want to do a full review.

I just got a Surge yesterday.

First impression, I like the diameter weight and shape. I can tell the wide catch zone and wider gap on the N12 has spoiled me. Even with my sloppy play this thing stays upright and hits the string with authority. There is no vibe. It grinds well. With the new response, binds are to snappy for me. But that is usually the case on any yoyo. I’ll have to play it to get to that sweet spot.

If someone wants a full sized heavy yoyo… this is it.