YYJ Surge First Impressions

These are only first impressions so I’m not gonna go into the nitty gritty but will tell you a bit about this throw.

Diameter: 58.65 mm
Width:41.4 mm
Gap Width: 3.55 mm
Weight: 70.7 grams
Bearing Size: Size C
Response: 19 mm YoYoJam Silicone Response

Overall this is a beast plastic and YYJ really did well with the Surge. It has that solid feel but plays so light and quite speedy for its weight. And everyone seems to be worrying about the narrow gap but really, it poses no problem whatsoever. The Surge also is quite good for 5a. And of course the price! There is no reason to not pick one up. It is an awesome throw that I love and am sure you will too! Also, ask me any questions you have!

yup the surge is amazing for how cheap it was heres a short vid i made with it


I just bought one these out of curiosity, and I will honestly say that it is the smoothest and best balanced YoYo under $20.00 I have ever thrown.

I was surprisingly impressed… :wink:

My son brought one home yesterday and YYJ did a great job the Surge is a Win Win for sure ! Ya cannot go wrong .

Yeah I find mine to be great and it should be even better once I get some shims :slight_smile:

How is it on spin time?

Long. Very long. No problems with combos

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