YYJ Surge Questions

Hey! I just have a couple quick questions about the YYJ Surge.

With in the introduction of the World’s Edition Surge, I’ve been a little confused as to how the YYJ Surge comes set up. I understand the World’s Edition comes with O-rings and no silicone response, but does the standard YYJ Surge come with O-rings as well as silicone response?

Secondly, how does it play? Is it stable? Could you compare it to the Speedaholic?

Thanks in advance!

This is what I see…

This says to me that the standard version comes only w/the silicone response. I think that’s pretty clear from the text in the ad.

Just gonna address a couple of things:

Why they would us rubber rings instead of YYJ’s new pads seems a tad goofy. It costs them probably a few pennies less for rings than response pads. Then again, I got a post-BAC release model with YYJ pads and it’s exactly how I would want it.

Very solid feeling, the body is entirely plastic and solid to get the weight right. It plays heavy to me. Fun, but more heavy than I prefer. The Chaser, being heavier, plays faster and lighter. I only use that for comparison purposes. It is extremely stable.

The Speedaholic is lighter, faster but just as solid and stable. It’s just different. Different shape adds a lot to how it performs. I haven’t played my Speedaholics yet.