New yyj Surge

(DarkPirate) #1

I just got my new Surge in the mail this afternoon. So far it seems like a pretty fun throw. Anyone else get one today?


Yes. I agree, it’s a really good plastic. More kudos for YYJ for this model!

(R.C. Sproul) #3

I’ve got one coming today, but we don’t get the mail until late afternoon.


I got one in the mail yestarday and its AMAZING. I’m debating on wether to sell a metal to get 2 more…,

(DarkPirate) #5

I like mine too, but I don’t think it plays a well as my metal yoyo’s. It doesn’t seem to take as much string in the gap and it feels a bit more responsive then I was hoping, however it might just need some break in time or maybe some thin lube on the bearing.


If you think it’s already too responsive, thin lube is going to make it more responsive.


I’m still waiting for mine… :cry:


Mines in the post office just waiting to be delivered straight to my door

(DarkPirate) #9

Of course, but if I clean the bearing first and then use thin lube it should get better.


I’m using thick Metz on it the thickest of all strings and I can still get like 3 layers of string. Try shims if the gap is to small for you.

(DarkPirate) #11

well it seems like it just needed some break in time. Its working just fine now.

(R.C. Sproul) #12

It’s a pretty good player. It makes my SR-71 look like a mistake.


Dang, mine hasn’t come yet.


Just got mine with a yo-life t-shirt. It plays AMAZING, it plays best with a trifecta though. Tight binds, and a more comfortableshape than the classic.


I wanted to get a Surge, until I saw that it weighed 70 grams, so I got a Classic instead. I’m only 23, but for some reason most yoyos over 68 grams make my wrist snap when I throw them, and after about 20-30 throws with my wrist snapping I have to completely quit throwing for a couple of days due to the pain. The only exception has been with YYR’s DreadnoughtG. It’s weighs 79 grams, but for some reason didn’t cause my wrist to snap.


Latnay, that sounds more like a technique problem with your throw. Do you get the same problem throwing straight down in front of you? If not, you may be doing something wrong on your break aways. A difference of a few grams shouldn’t have such a drastic result.


On a side note, did you guys buy a shirt along with your Surge? And what color Surge did you guys get?

I got a red/white Surge with a Slacker t-shirt.


I got the same color yoyo, but no shirt.

(DarkPirate) #19

Slacker T for me too, and Blue and Green for the yoyo


I’m a little skeptical about the gap width. 3.55mm? Hmmm…