Omggggg the yyj SURGE looks so good! If it plays anything like the classic I’m so getting 20.

You dogs 'cited for it?



stolen from yyj facebook page!!! looking very nice

I got to try one and the thing is sick. :slight_smile:

they look very nice and I plan on picking one up eventually

What do you guys know about the shape? I can’t quite tell from the angle. Low-walled, high-walled, butterfly, or slight V-shape? How does the shape compare to the Kickside or Lyn Fury?

I’m very excited. The caps look great. Hope the edges are not as sharp as the Classic or I’ll have to shave them down too.

How does it play compare to the classic? (People that got this at bac need to answer(iyoyo58))

The Classic is great, if people say these are just as good or better, I’ll pick up a pair.

Its really nice I got 2 for free at the BAC :wink: both signed by Andre

A more expensive Classic that will play similarly? PASS.


Can’t argue with that. :wink:


From what I understand, it has silicone pads and a full size bearing, which if you buy seperate for the Classic, puts you at a similar price point. For me, while I love the Classic, its a tad big for my personal tastes. This looks like it is a little smaller, so I’m very interested in it.

Honestly the Classic and this just scream low quality, with their looks and the way the classic plays. Just my two cents.


Tryed it. You shall be pleased that it plays just as well as a classic. If I were to put it nice and easy, it’s basically like an organic Classic, which is good. Spintimes are great! In fact, they were just as good as a classic even without any bearing replacement!

Now I was wondering. Are they made of the same exact plastic that Classics are made out of? It seems these are made out of a shinier plastic in the pictures.

Yes, they are. It has a polished quality to it, nice and smooth. Maybe not as good at grinding, but oh well! Maybe I was lucky or something, but the one I tried was literally dead smooth. It was a blast to play with.

when does it drop on yye?

Am I the only one who didn’t like the Classic? I think it will fade from popularity with time, similar to the PSG. The Surge kind of reminds me of the OG Octave (if I’m viewing the shape correctly), so
I may pick one up.