Best full plastic yoyo without metal rings


Alpha Crash!!! It can handle everything!!!


Have you tried the V by sOMETHING?

That’s a killer plastic right there.


Really o.O!!! I must try it!!!


or the surge.


Does it play heavy? 70.85 gramms sounds really heavy.


Not really. It plays like around 68 grams but the V is a very nice delrin as well.


-.- puh that sounds better! I don’t really like heavy yoyos ^^. I think i will try the V first.


The V is an excellent plastic.

The classic is also one of my favorite plastic throws. For $20, it’s a REAL player.

The surge is alright. Plays too heavy for me, but lots of people are into heavier throws. Part of the reason I like the classic is because it’s so light.


The blue Paul han onestar is surprisingly good, better than my classic. Plays kinda light but its still a good throw.


If anyone can confirm this, that would be great, but the weight of the Surge and Classic lead me to believe that there are metal weight rings under the caps. I’m pretty sure this was the case with the Legacy, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it again…


Nope, it’s a celcon cap press fit onto a polycarbonite body. The caps aren’t too difficult to take off, and if you do, you’ll see that it’s 100% plastic.

Surge without caps


^ Interesting. Thanks for the info and pics!


Yeah the Surge is awesome

(SR) #14

Severe hands down.


how does it play without the caps?


The edges are quite sharp, and the lightness and responsiveness don’t mix well, but other than that, it’s actually not that bad. Lots of fun to play with.

The caps are actually much easier to pop back in than the classics were. Try it out if you’re able to remove them.


Ann Connolly Whip. Best plastic yoyo ever!!!


the severe or the recrev f(x) currently in a huge romance with my f(x) not even funny


Crazy-D, the V and yyf severe


Man, I want the Crazy-D.

The yo-yo that is.