Floatiest Plastic?

^ What do you think in your opinion?

I honestly don’t know. Protostar?


Lol yeah forgot that one ;D

Original One. 55.6 grams!!! :o

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They’re all kinda floaty. Pretty much a thing with plastics. But one of the more floaty ones I would say is the FHZ.

If we count plastics with weight rings, the Speeder is very much NOT a floaty throw. :wink:

Ok, I was thinking pure plastics lol

I was just thinking, nearly all of my plastics aren’t really all that “floaty”. Even my lighter stuff like ONEs, WHIPs and even FH2’s/Freakhands. Many aren’t all that fast though either.

Maybe a delrin would fit it better like the Milk or Crazy D but I’m not sure

Legacy 1 no caps (have not tried 2), FHZ, Pro Jam no caps, Starlite.

Well, the YYJ Surge is a “pure plastic” and it is really hefty.

As for the “floatiest plastic”…I am gonna guess that there is no right or wrong answer to this. A lot of it has to do with opinion. But I think that the YYF ONE and Whip are both REALLY floaty.


capless kickside YES! Forgot about that. My friend has one

Pull of the weight rings for the trigger and it will feel like nothing.

Kick side by far.

Take the caps off a classic. Insane.

RecRev F(x) is the floatiest plastic (delrin) I have tried. Best playing as well.

Onestar, in my opinion. That thing feels like you’re throwing nothing.

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Sadly the only ones I’ve tried are the b-grades. (Shiverers) :stuck_out_tongue:
Vibiest yo-yos ever lol

New Velocity, by far. So much center weight…