Whats your favorite ALL plastic yoyo?

As the title says; ALL plastic. No metal weight rings, so yoyos like the protostar (take that!) and counterattack and hot shot are out.

Sorry, the protostar is a GREAT yoyo, one of my favorites, but its overshadowed all other plastic throws.

Mine would have to be the 2010 Duncan Freehand, YYJ Spinfaktor HG, and 3yo3 Acryllion.

Don’t forget 3yo3 everyone!

Dual-silicone Kickside is the correct answer.

Lyn Fury.

Heck Yeah

i am sorry but if it has to be ALL plastic all yoyos are out
bearing, axle :stuck_out_tongue:

but the legacy doesn’t count right?


Legacy doesn’t count. It has metal weight rings.

PGMv1 is the correct answer.

I love the GS2, FH2, FHZ, and Velocity. All great yoyos.

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Lyn Fury with silicone!!! ;D

Loop 900

Minus Mike Modded FHZ :smiley:
YYJ Kickside

Hands down the best 2 IMO.

protostar but other than that a rice rovket large bearing fhz with rubber wieght rings and wiped caps and schmooves

yeah no yoyo is ALL plastic there are axles and bearings and in the case of my Mosquito there are screws. but i suppose a freehand zero is pretty beast

PGM v2 :slight_smile:

Guys, grow up, you know what he meant.

As for me, I’d say the Mike Hand Zeros are pretty nice. Otherwise I gotta stick with the classic Lyn Fury.

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yeah i guess ::slight_smile:


obviously :stuck_out_tongue:


Dual sili Kickside for 1a

Dual starburst for 4a. My favorite 4a yoyo by far

AHH I want one of xminusmikex’s FHZs AAHHH ;D

ok, but for the time being… dual sili fast.

Duncan 2010 Freehand

I less-than-three Speed Makers.