New Christmas Throw


Thinking about getting a new throw for Christmas. Price range is about 85 to 115. I was thinking about getting either a clyw or one drop but am open to any suggestion. I like floaty fluent play and size not sure. Any suggestions and why. also can u tell me how big the yoyo is. Ik that’s a lot thanks


Well if you want light and floaty I would go with One Drop. The 54 (Aluminum Spikes), The DANG, and the Code 1 are light, so those would be excellent choices. They also feature the Side Effects which is awesome.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


You recommend that so much, but it isn’t listed as your favorite?


He’s a broken record. It got old a while ago. He’s pulling an SNL now and beating the same tired joke into the ground.

And that’s the trvth!


I swear, you two planned that. Anyway, a Genesis seems to fit your preferences. Around 56mm, very floaty during play.


The Genesis is pretty heavy though, right?


Only 67 grams. Feels very floaty though.


Sorry if I’m off topic a bit, but what exactly makes a throw “floaty”? I’ve always wondered about that…


nickel od dang


I think it’s a term used to describe the yoyo gliding on the string.


Yea, but I mean like compare a Dark Magic to a One Drop Cafe Racer and the Cafe Racer is a lot more “floaty”. Is it the material of the yo-yo, the shape, etc that makes it “floaty”?


I have a Zen 5 and it is very floaty. It’s only like 50 bucks, so you could buy a Di Base with it. Both are really great yoyos.


Cool idea! Two for one :slight_smile: and based on his favorite yo-yos, that would be a good way to step up to advanced throws


How would like a gnarwal fit in that category. I was thinking a genisis but don’t really want a yyf


I think the Gnarwal is cool, but you said you wanted floaty and I’m not exactly sure if it is… but it’s your decision, maybe you should try it out? I still suggest the One Drop 54. It’s light, designed to be floaty, and again, has the side effects


O ok what do u think about the code 1 compared to the 54 also I herd really good thinks about all clyw would it be worth it to just spend the extra 15 bucks for one of those


Save a little more money and see if you can catch the Skywalker drop. Should be coming any day now.


Code1 is larger and more stable than the 54, but for the style you described, the 54 might be a better fit.