Need a new throw

Think I’m gonna get a new throw I like floaty yoyos and oversized to midsize no undersized… No yoyo factory or yoyo jam want to try something different thanks

You could try the Code-1 or Burnside (Not sure but I’d imagine they’d play floaty.).

I really like my Dang for a Full Sized. With that… any One Drop except for the Cafe Racer or Dietz which are undersized.

i say recrev 33 1-3 its super smooth and nice

I second the Dang. I just got one and it is an amazing throw. Full sized, and not too heavy on the string, it’s really smooth too.

I’m going to recommend something a little different, not that the previous suggestions aren’t fine. However, if you don’t mind a yo from the bst or ebay I’d suggest the ILYY Josey Anne. This is truly a full sized yo that is FLOATY, has a great finish, and I’ve seen several recently cheap on bst. I believe this yoyo is very under rated and warrants consideration.

I don’t really care for the term floaty when describing yoyos but if the term “float” applies, it applies to the Josey Anne.

I was thinking a sppy or a clyw

Get an OG punchline. The floatiness of that throw was downright biblical.

I third this. Mine plays awesome. Just as described above

I personally hated my Paul’s Special Dang. It looked killer, but it just felt WAAAAY too light and the spin times weren’t all that great either.