Dietz is not what I was expecting...


This is not a review, just my initial thoughts. I figure someone can make use of yet another opinion.

I’ve been looking forward to getting one of these little guys for a while now, and sadly, I’m not to excited about it after cracking the box open and throwing with it for about an hour. It’s an all out performer for sure, but I was expecting it to play much lighter. It is a lightweight, but at least IMHO, it doesn’t feel like it. It just feels so dense. Dense is not my cup of tea…

I was hoping to feel a little more float out of this throw, but as far as I can tell, it is just fast, solid, and direct. I’m not in the best “throwing mood” at the moment, so perhaps it’ll grow on me, or I’ll have a better impression on another day. But I must say, this is probably the first time I’ve played a new yoyo and not fallen head over heels into the honeymoon stage.

Other than that, however, it spins strong and stable. I imagine that this thing is an absolute dream for others, but I’m not feeling it at the moment… I’ll give the little guy a few days, but I may have to continue on my quest to find that “perfect” undersized throw.

Hard to find a yoyo that size that’s floaty, i’m not sure i ever have. It’s a dense yoyo for sure, but so are most yoyos with those specs, throw some ultralight side effects on it and play it some more and see what you think.

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that’s exactly what I was going to say. Put some ultralights on it and it will hopefully play more towards your liking

Yeah, I’m coming to realize that. A floaty 50mm throw with a strong spin just sounds so right… I shall not loose hope. It’ll be designed one day.

I’m definitely going to have to grab some ultralights and give them a try. Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

Some quick speculation, though… I know ultralights would make the yoyo lighter overall, but if I was looking to increase the “floaty” feel of the throw, wouldn’t I need to add MORE center weight to balance out the weight of the rims? I’m going to try a few different set ups, of course (this is my first side effect throw), but I was just curious if my line of reasoning is correct. Although, it is debatable what actually gives yoyo “float” (or if it exists at all, for you non-believers).

The Dietz does play much lighter with Ultra-Lights than it does with it’s stock Side Effects, but I’m not sure it’ll meet your expectations even once the switch is made. Try it, of course, but don’t expect anything magical.

The Dietz was, of course, made for Daniel Dietz. His play style at the time way very focused on stability and fluidity. He didn’t do many pops or hops, but instead did a lot of flowing tech and whips. The Dietz worked perfectly for him, but definitely isn’t the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

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I agree, the Dietz with ultra-lights is really the way to go to give you the best chance of achieving the feel you’re looking for. As far as your search is concerned for a floaty 50mm yo-yo, might be worth it to give the Smooth Move by Spin Dynamics a look. The weight distribution is much different than that of the Dietz, so despite its heavier stock weight it provides a bit more “float.” The caps can also be removed to drop the weight about 2 grams if desired. Might be worth the time to take a look at the full specs of it on YYE if you have the chance

Cafe Racer or Project in my opinion has the most “floaty” feeling in our line of 50mm YoYos.

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Thanks for the feedback Paul! :]

Sounds like I need to try out a Project. I have a strange suspicion that those are not easy to come by…

Thats Onedrop for ya, they stayyyy heavvvyyy

I’ve been looking off and on for about a year and a half and found a whole one.

I beg to differ. My code1 is very floaty.

I’m still trying to get or try a dietz for myself.

so your saying its fast

Theres no doubt that onedrop makes amazing light throws.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t the plans and files for the Project(s) ublicly available?

Yes, but it wouldn’t be cost-effective to make one.

You may want to check out the chick that’s about to come out too. It seems to be very light.



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So this dietz that you speak of, it’s for sale?

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