A yoyo similar or better than marmot

My preference is a yoyo similar to the marmot, preferably 50 diameter, around the same width, fast smooth floaty stable, that sells for 90-120 bucks, a one drop, or a caribou or a spy or anything… Tell me about smoothness stability floatiness how it handles tricks, and more. I love the marmot but I want something similar and better any thoughts? Thanks

For something around the same size, I’d recommend a Dietz. It’s obviously not the same shape, so if that’s what you’re after this isn’t it, but the Dietz (imo) does everything better than the Marmot (and I like the Marmot). It’s easily more stable and the play is definitely faster, where the Marmot is a little slower and floatier.

What I really like about the Dietz here though is that many throws that are this fast also have a heavy feel to them. The Battosai is a good example. I can whip that thing around like a blur, but it does have a hard string hit for its size. The Dietz on the other hand, manages to be really fast but also feels very light and maneuverable on string. Just the slightest movement here or there can have a noticeable effect on it which really inspires a sense of confidence and control. It’s one of those throws where even if I’m just playing halfheartedly, I still somehow hit tricks consistently.

If you haven’t guessed, the Dietz is my favorite undersize throw. Even if you hadn’t asked for something Marmot-like, I’d still tell you to get one.

Personally i wasn’t a huge fan of the original Marmot design. It just somehow didn’t quite cut it for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a fun yoyo, it just isn’t stable enough for me. Though i haven’t tried the new one yet. I definitely would like to.
As for your question, the yoyo that cones to mind when i think of yoyos similar in size and shape to the marmot is the SPYY Spyder 2. The shapes are almost the same and so are the specs. The Spyder seems to be a little more stable though. It’s alot of fun, and as an added bonus, SPYY’s are some of the best grinding yoyos out there. Better for grinding than Caribous in my opinion. If grinding is your thing that is. I would definitely check out one of those. Good luck!

The real difference in the new Marmot, for me, is the sense of floatiness. Stability is still fairly weak imo, but I do prefer the “lighter” feeling of it to the old one. Super smooth too. It’s close to being really great and it’s a unique feel for an undersize, but realistically I’d have to stick with “good”.

Hmm… Interesting. Yeah they took quite a big chunk of weight out of it in the re-design. Five grams almost i think. Yeah i don’t think there is any way i would have characterized the OG marmot as floaty. lol. I think was a big too heavy, and not enough of it was out on the rims, which was obviously why it was so unstable. I think that same shape but drastically lighter would be a win. Sounds like one to add to my BST hunting list.

Seems to me the 54 is what you’re describing.

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50mm to 54mm diameter puts those two throws in different categories I think. If he was willing to go that large there are a ton of throws I’d recommend before the Marmot.

Yup… Marmot good… Gnarwhal better

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Thanks for the help I’ll be sure to look into getting a dietz, also does anyone have any thoughts on the markmont yoyo? Is it any better than marmot?

Maybe, it is a very small difference in reality however matched up next to the marmot.
In terms of floatiness the 54 has a much more even hub to rim weight ratio (with default spikes), the Dietz, which I love, is heavier on the string and has more momentum. The 54 is closer to the marmot in catch zone shape as well in comparison to the Dietz.

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The markmont is more similar in shape and weight distribution to the marmot.
Can’t really say if one is ‘better’ than another, that’s a matter of your preference.
The smooth move may also be worth a look. While not as floaty it may be a size and shape you would like.

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I don’t know if you’re talking about the Markmont Next. If so, it’s nothing like the new Marmot, imo. It feels heavy and a little slow for its size. I actually really disliked it for that because it also didn’t feel very stable. I much, much prefer the Project for a yoyo of similar shape, as it plays much faster and lighter like the Marmot.

Well, that’s true, but the difference between almost all throws in diameter is very small. Oversize (56+) to undersize (50-) is about a quarter inch. I just wouldn’t put many undersize throws, including the Marmot, up against regular and oversize. If one prefers undersize that’s one thing, but I don’t find them to ever have quite the stability or overall performance of a larger throw.

there are advantages and disadvantages in all the sizes, ive noticed like more stability in a larger throw faster gameplay smaller throw, is there a way to put all of that into one? Someone should make a yoyo like that…
A dietz is a good example

I think there are regular size throws that are as fast or faster than undersize, and considerably more stable. The Spyy Pro and X3 LaGoutte are two of my favorites.