Need a new yoyo

It’s been a while since I got a new throw, can’t make up my mind on something. I like a floatier throw with a decent amount of weight to it that can still pick up speed if I need it too. Any suggestions?

I find the Summit with it’s ultra light side effects tend to be light and floaty, which isn’t really my style so I added a heavier side effect to it. But if you like floaty, Summit with it’s already equipped ultra light SE is good to go. That’s if you are willing to spend that much on it. What’s your budget? For lower end, I can’t say since I don’t think I really have a budget yoyo that’s floaty in my opinion, however if I were to choose the floatiest one in my lower budget arsenal, it’d be the Shutter.

Rainfly, bonfire, and draupnir was the floatiest

You could check out the breath in the new release section.

The YoyoFactory Cypher is a good floaty yoyo. It is around 50 or 60ish dollars. There aren’t very many colors though.

Here’s a Link

What’s your price range and preferences? Oversize, full size, or undersize?