You can help decided my next throw!

Below you will find my wants and needs for a new yo-yo, you can help decide what it can be!

Some background…

Been throwing for about 3 months, I only do 1a so far. Although I believe I have been progressing faster then most I have no idea truly. I mostly am learning things on here and YouTube and other random places. As well as creating my own tricks and combos. I find my play style is slower with more of a freestyle type of feel. I don’t do competitions and I don’t plan on it. I enjoy just playing on my own and with friends and just having a laid back good time.

Needs and Wants

Budget: No more than 200 dollars
Current Collection: Shutter and Metal Drifter
Play style: Slow and floaty
Metal or Plastic: Metal
Usage: I plan on using this yo-yo everyday
Wants: I want something very floaty looks good while being used. Good for freestyle play.
Current interests: Puffin 2, Civility, and x3 The Seed
Style of play: 1A

I am hoping that is enough to make a good assessment. If not I can include more in the replies if need be.

Thank you for your input and feedback.

Consider a Severe for floaty, even though it is plastic it is great. Otherwise I think a Supernova lite would fit your needs.

Clyw chief, canvas, and cliff are clyw’s I’d consider. I think the puffin is more on the fast side

Would also check out the triton and ape-x

Square Wheels Royale w/ Cheese! Releasing at Square Wheels’ site soon!

If you look on the BST, you can get a Draupnir for under $200. I got mine for about $160 and it’s the only yoyo I ever want to use. It has a good pop to it because it is so light and can go fast but it also has crazy stability and spin times. Other people also have spoken highly of this yoyo.

If you cant find this yoyo, I also thought the seed and puffin 2 looked quite interesting.

A golden t8 shadow yo-yo from magicyoyo it’s about 15-20 dollars but its amazing its aluminum and it is terrific I have it and I love it it will last you years!!!