What is your favorite "floaty" throw?

What is your favorite throw that you would describe as “floaty”?

Love the chief. Also, I love the new breed. It feels like it levatates


Spin Dynamics Smooth Move

It’d be the One Drop Dang.



Orbitron 5000. So much fun.


Is the summit floaty? I thought I remember someone mentioning it is.
I don’t really remember playing the few I have played, but I know they were awesome, so if they are floaty, then the Summit is.

Yeah, in some reviews I read I recall that the summit was described as floaty.

With Domes or Legos it is. Ultralites make it feel like a brick :-\

When I’m in the mood for float, I play a Cypher or a Model 10.

'09 Severe

oxy iv, by oxygene yoyos…



The Yeti

Wait, what?

That’s as solid a piece of plastic as I’ve ever played. :wink:

As far as center weight goes though.

Without reading this thread I bet the Summit will be listed quite a lot, also the Cascade. While those are 2 of my favorite floaty throws my favorite floaty yoyo is my white powdercoated Avant Garde 2, its amazing! Floaty but not as floaty as the Summit, still fits in the “floaty” catagory atleast in my opinion :wink: