What yoyos do you think are floaty?

I havn’t been one to go after floaty yoyos, but I decided it was time to get some.
What do you guys/gals think are some nice floaty yoyos?

Not sure on plastics as much as metals.

RecRev TA-1, CLYW Puffin, GE and Cliff, OD Cascade.

The DM2 is kinda slow and floaty to an extent. So is the PSG.

anything oxy, rooyo, broken yoyos
pretty much all Italian yoyos

The yoyofactory DNA, Yoyojam New breed, Yoyojam diamondback, and General yo model 10 are the floatiest yoyos i have played.

My opinion? None.

I think the CLIFF is floaty and substantial at the same time.

yoyo factory whip and the CLYW and One Drop Summit are the floatiest yoyos I have ever played with.

Although, the Summit will not seem floaty at first. You have to get used to it before you will realize its floatiness.

some peaks, marmot, canvas, spyy revenger, pacquiao (not sure if it’s really floaty, just it’s so incredibly light it feels like it is)

Model 10 EASILY :smiley:

I’m kinda with FiveIronBrian.

But I’ll throw SPYY PunchLine (OG; haven’t tried a Repeater yet) out there.

Model 10 has the most amount of float it’s ridiculous

Pretty much most General Yo’s: Model 10, Hatrick, 5 Star etc

65 gram Chief GLIDES across string

i would say the 09 7075 capless Severe or the OD 54

triton albatross og peaks

I should drill a hole in a pure, fill it with helium, then seal the hole. That would truly be the floatiest yoyo. :wink:

And if you made it just slightly denser than air.

Code 1, too.

Cliff is pretty floaty.

Model 10 without a doubt!

model 10

All of my current interests in a floaty yoyo go to the Model 10. I have yet to try a yoyo from General-Yo, so I’m hoping it will be the first. Now i just need to sell off pieces of my collection so i can buy on first.