Whatever "Floats" Your Boat


What are the floatiest throws you’ve ever used?

For me it’s the:


Doc Pop Bolt

YYF Whip


My favorite: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php?action=search


The YYF Velocity is by FAR the floatiest yoyo I have used, and a pretty great all around player.

(Alex Fairhurst) #4

Wooly Marmot
DS Wrath


3yo3 Ti5
General yo Model 10
CLYW Avalanche




888 by far


I thought the burnside was pretty floaty


Chief, definitely.


It really depends on the string I’m using. More bounce seems to give the yoyo more float.


The Catalyst


I don’t have really any “floaty” throws but my floatiest one is my summit.


Acrophobia. Chief in second, but not even close.


DNA hands down. Cliff close behind though


I love the float of my Chief, but I’m aware there are other throws with gallons more float (such as the Triton or said Acrophobia). I really want to get my hands on some.


I found some Acros still for sale. Pm me if ya want info.


The C3 BTH… Just kidding.

My floatiest throw is my brand new H5xCHIEF


That yoyo is HUGE.

I really want one.


i thought it was really solid. Darn “floatiness”


So many people define floaty differently, but based on what I think floaty is I’ll say mah darksonic.