Best One Drop yoyo under 100 dollars?

Which one drop yoyo is the floatiest and smooth under $100?

yetlets or look on bst for a code 2

I’m not sure if its floatie but I love my cafe racer it’s in my pocket right now


i love my 54…

i’d go with 54

that and yelets is what I had my eye on but I want to see majority.

My favourite one drop throw is the Y Factor. It’s a nice size and it fits in the pocket well enough for day to day carrying. Feels comfy in the hand, I can’t really say if it’s floaty as definitions of the word vary but it is a very good player and it can handle all the tricks I can throw at it. I would recommend it to anyone.

the 54 feels really light and floaty when i play with it…

and in a comparison to a common yoyo like the c3 capless, it is much more floaty.

just my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

happy with my cascade

Markmont Next is decent.


I see several recommendations for the OD cascade, it is very smooth and floaty a very good throw for the price, the coolest part is that if you want it a bit more solid, just add spikes!

Agreed. But I’ve heard great things about the Yellets too

Y Factor and 54.

Just so you know I think all but the Sovereign are under 100 dollars in solid colors.

Burnside. Code 1.


SPYY supra!!! If you can find one, BUY IT!! That thing destroys tricks when equipped with a CT/KK bearing.

The Cascade is without a doubt the best playing OD yoyo for under 100 dollars(yes you can find it for $100 brand new) It has amazing stability, plays as fast as you want, has a very smooth and floaty feel to it, and will spin for an eternity. The Code 2 is a close second for me. It isn’t quite as stable as the Cascade, but will play practically identically in the hands of a skilled player, plus it has an IGR (which the Cascade lacks) if you’re looking to do thumb grinds. As for the Burnside, it plays excellently as well, though it feels a little heavy on the string. You will have more trouble pushing it to the same speeds as the Cascade/Code2. The Yelets is an amazing value and is without a doubt the best playing “pocket” yoyo I’ve ever seen. The only issue I see people having with it is it’s smaller catch zone, but that aside, it plays incredibly quick and balanced. The Markmont Next is a very decent throw. I wouldn’t put it on the same level as the yoyos listed above(my opinion) It showed some stability issues when I played with it, but I’ve noticed that many undersized yoyos have this same problem. Other than that, it spins long enough to pull of the longest combos, and looks beautiful to boot. I hope this helps with making your decision

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There are 4 onedrop yoyos significantly under $100. The cascade, code 1, code 2, dietz, and 54 are at $99.99.

Onedrop yelets:
An undersized yoyo. Plays somewhat floaty. I have little experience with it, so unfortunetely id have to leave it at that.

Onedrop burnside:
A fairly large yoyo. Unfortunetely for you, this is absolutely not a floaty yoyo, and is quite rim weighted. Plays very stable, and is dead smooth. It has a v shape, but it also has a h shape like flare at the rims. Its one of my favorite onedrops, so id consider it anyways.

Onedrop Cafe racer:
This is one unique yoyo. The other yoyo with a close shape to this ive seen would be the SPYY ronin. It does play quite floaty snd light though, and even if its unique, im sure youd still like it.

Onedrop dingo:
I have no experience with this throw. I do know that it is an organic mini throw, so i wouldnt recommend it.

i would go with a code 2 its a great yoyo it amazingly good i love it you can get a mint in box one for 80 to 100 dollars