need opinions on OD yoyos

Hi would like to buy one of One Drops throws but i can’t decide which, i think i want ether a 54 or a cascade (worlds apart, i know) I don’t really have any specific preferences but i would like some comments please!


I have owned every model of One Drop and honestly you picked two of their best (with a third being the Burnside). If you are looking for that classic Butterfly shape then you should go with the 54. It plays amazing and has a more “old school” feel in the hand. I have one that ends up being my no brained when I just want to grab a yoyo and go.

The Cascade is more performance oriented and another one of my grab and go throws. It has higher spin times than the 54 but you lose the ability to easily thumb grind… if that is your thing. Both are stable but the Cascade is quite a bit more so.

Pretty much you can’t go wrong with either one.

I am going to say cascade simply because it has received so much praise. I own one, and it is pretty much the best organic shape yoyo i have ever used. However, I have not tried the 54, and it is also said to be great. One drop yoyos are all pretty amazing, so just pick the one that looks more suited to you (i.e, cascade is a bit heavier, so that should be considered.)

Micro thread-jack:

saintrobyn, for ~50mm (undersized) One Drop, what’s your “fun factor” preference between Cafe Racer and Y-Factor (and I suppose you could throw Dietz in there, though that’s almost a 200% price increase over the Cafe Racer)? Pure performance isn’t a factor for me, although having some baseline stability is pretty helpful for my lower-intermediate level. Just looking for something enjoyable in the ~50mm category.

I would like to echo what Chris said as they are both a couple of my fav OD’s as well. You really can not go wrong with either one and with the addition of SE’s you can really change them up a lot. I guess at the end of the day you have to figure out which one you feel will fit you more…

Thanks for the feedback, could anyone compare the 54 to a C3 halo besides the fact that its metal?

Of the first two I would have to give it to the Y Factor by a hair. Completely underrated yoyo with stellar performance. If we are going to throw the Dietz in the mix then it is a no brained even with the night price tag. Dietz is my favorite undersized throw.

Thanks! I think that nice and tidily answers any questions I personally had about OD undersized. :wink:

Good comparison! The shapes are really great. Inspired me to switch the my Halo’s KK for a flat bearing, good because I just got the Halo recently and haven’t liked how the KK is feeling in it.

So, quick comparison… with flat bearings in both and aluminum spikes in the 54 (I usually use brass UL for it), the Halo is floatier with less spintime and not as stable feeling as the 54. The 54 is more solid feeling due to its weight and smaller size. Both 54 and Halo are capable of some speed but the Halo feels a bit more agile. Love 'em both!

longer combos, solid feel, better for tech: 54
floaty, agile, tricks with bigger movements: Halo