Looking for a good floaty throw

I have played with generally heavy yo-yos all the time so I thought it would be nice to try out a floaty one.

I do know that yo-yos like Model 10 from General yo and Sleipnir from yoyorecreation are floaty yo-yos. And I am looking for other that are similar.

I have also heard that the chief from CLYW is also floaty but is that true? It would be nice if someone can compare how it feels compared to a YYF Northstar, YYJ Hitman pro, or RecRev Oscillatrix.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I just got a RecRev @ and consider it to be fairly floaty and a lot of fun.

How floaty is it? Like extremely like the M10 or just slightly?

The M10 isn’t that floaty.

Code 1 with ultralights. Spin Dynamics Smooth Move. Chief.

I think the Smooth Move owns the float crown in my small collection.

Oh, really? One of my friends have a M10 and he let me throw it and I thought it was the floatiest thing ever.
Code 1 from one drop? hmmm might consider it. How about code 2? how is it different?

Code 1 with ultralights is amazing. M10 is nice, but doesn’t blow my mind, Code 1 is special, and the @'s fun, floaty’s so subjective though.

Agreed. Like the Krown hits the end of the string pretty solid, but then jumps through strings with crazy nimbleness. But for some people, that hit at the end of the string would negate the “floaty” feeling. It’s definitely a subjective property.

I agree that the Code 1 is a special throw. The Code 2 is special, too, but in a whole other way. It shares a naming convention, but that’s about it, to answer DRN’s question. If “floaty” is what you want, the Code 2 is not for you. It’s not the densest brick of a yoyo ever, but it’s a serious and stable spinner without what most people would call “float”.

IMO, the m10 is floatier than the code 1 with UL.

wait sorry if I ask a dumb question but I don’t understand “with ultralights”. Is that some kind of extension or modification?

Yes. Many One Drop yoyos use a system called “Side Effects”. Side effects are an interchangeable axle/bearing seat system that allow different shapes and weights right in the center of the hub.

So I guess “with ultralights” is the with the lightest settings? I guess with no weights? Am I wrong?

That should give you an idea. There’s a full weight chart somewhere on One Drop’s forum, too.

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I just got a Bapezilla.2 for my birthday; with a flat bearing it is by FAR the floatiest yoyo I’ve thrown, and the overall play is really good too.

Thanks guys! I think I’ll go with a Code 1 not only because it is floaty but it a seems really fun to play with the Side Effects on it. And I also thought it would be nice to have my first onedrop yoyo. ;D

I don’t find that to be floaty at all.

Now, the OG Octave sure can be if you want it to. I swear, it seems to hang in mid-air sometimes.

Great choice! It’s in my top 5.

Well, I didn’t find the Code 1 floaty, I have had a lot of throws and M10 is easily the floatiest throw I played with

Floaty? Puffin in my opinion.

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I find it so weird how different perceptions can be. But then I also remembered that more than any other yoyo I own, the Code 1 comes to the end of the string very differently depending on string. Strings that are TOO thin actually produce some kickback! Normal or thick strings for me.

But still… Code 1 is the very definition of floaty. I can’t imagine anyone not thinking so. Whereas the M10 at a full 2 grams heavier (or more, if your Code 1 has Ultra-Lights) plays exactly in the middle of the float equation, to me. Granted, weight isn’t everything… a yoyo can be heavy and floaty (like the H5xChief!) but to describe a Code 1 as “not floating” boggles my mind regardless of opinion on M10. :smiley: