Floatiest, most nimble OD

Hey guys im looking for a floaty, nimble OD but i have no idea which one is the floatiest.

Help is appreciated.

I’ve heard that the Cascade is the floatiest and most nimble. The Code 1 is also very fast.

Ok thanks

i can narrow out the code two is not floaty imo it plays solid. The cascade was pretty floaty just I didn’t like it because preferences didn’t fit for me. Y factor is pretty fast and stable not sure if it is very floaty

Code 1

Another vote for the Code 1. Cascade didn’t do much for me, and even with ultralights i don’t think i’d consider it floaty. Code 1 is a great weight though, and even with the stock SEs has a great nimbleness and float to it, ultralights make it even better. Such an underrated throw. Of the hundred+ yoyos i’ve owned it’s one of my favorites. The Dang and 54 are also super fun and up there with the Code 1. 54 with ultralights is for sure one of the best feeling and most fun yoyos around.

I would say the 54 with pretty much any AL SE’s is a float monster!!!

I think the cascade is infinitely floatier than the code 1, the summit is an option too, it’s X clyw but really floaty and nimble

Is the summit floatier than the cascade?

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Accidently hit thank-you instead of quote. I doubt the summit is floatier than the cascade. The Summit is a great yoyo, too, but not quite as floaty imo.

But the summits still floaty, right?

Not necessarily floaty, but it flows well.