54, Cascade, CODE 1

Considering getting one of these.

I would choose the cascade the 54 and code 1 are great but i like the cascade best

Code 1 is light and fast, pretty floaty. It has a great shape and is fun for finger grinds. NOt for people who like heavy/solid throws.

It would be much more constructive and helpful if you mentioned what it is you like about the yoyo.
I find the cascade too heavy and sluggish. Shape is great though.

So the Cascade is more heavy and not as fast as the others?

I think the cascade plays lighter than the code 1 due to it’s mid weighting whereas the code 1 is rim weighted with lots of stability. I also like the overall size and organic shape of the cascade whereas the H shape although comfortable in the hand doesn’t beat the cascade. I haven’t thrown the 54 enough to give a good opinion of it.

I’ve never used a 54, but i have owned both the Code 1 and the Cascade. The Code 1 is my favorite yoyo, but i like fast, floaty, and stable yoyos. The Cascade is a very versatile yoyo, being able to go fast or slow, but it’s not the longest spinning. It is pretty stable, though.