Didn’t change when they made the Severe so I doubt it will change now. There’s plenty of good plastics on the market to choose from right now if you look around. Rally, yeti, crazy-d, antagonist, albino leviathan, quest, D5, triad, exceed, zenith, and the list goes on.

That said I personally prefer plastic yoyos over metal myself and rarely keep the aluminum yoyos I receive these days. Titanium throws on the other hand are great carry throws if you want to show off as long as you’re ok with scratching it up.

I am new to yoyo community.
That’s what I want to know,too.
The main difference between plastic yo and metal yo.
I only got some plastic ball so I can’t compare with it.
Is it worthy to spent a lot money to get metal ball?

I think it is, and there are tons of cheap ( relatively) budget metals today.

YYR makes a great plastic yoyo the diffusion 2

YYF remakes the metal g funk into the plastic as a gentry signature

OD makes a Plastic Code 2 with weight rings:
People Rejoice!

CLYW makes a Plastic Cheif:
People Rejoice/Clammer for more. Then the price of the yeti on the BST skyrockets.

YYF makes a plastic Super G:
The yoyo is seen as unoriginal and as a non-game changer in the eyes of many.

(Most of whom have yet to try it.)


Well, the op said “now that the regen is out” suggesting that in the wake of its release, the world of plastics will be seen as obsolete to the new birth of modern day plastic yoyos; the regen

Really…I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this is analogous to comparing Wood Throws to newer Plastic Throws in the late 1950’s and all the way into the 1960’s. It’s kind of a “What came first? The chicken or the egg?” style debate. Although, I will say that there is obvious advantages to a good-priced Metal Throw for 1A who has ever heard of a Metal for 2A?

The key is to not put all your eggs in one basket and try a little bit of all of them. Wood, Plastic, and Metal.

What’s so revolutionary about it?

I still think the classic is the best plastic


I don’t know who’s saying the ReGen is revolutionary - it’s not, it’s a plastic Super-G which is exactly what it was designed to be. YYF made a batch of them, sent them out in mystery boxes and are looking for feedback to determine whether it should be a full production run or just remain as a limited release.

I like the ReGen, it’s a little heavy for my tastes but plays great but I love the solid feel of the POM vs the “regular” molded plastic - machined plastic just feels better.

The OP was wondering if it would change the game so I asked my question.

Still Metal for me

What is the Regen? I can’t find any info on it.

Ok , I found some info on here. I don’t really understand, hasn’t quality plastic been done before?

Yes, multiple times so I really don’t know what the OP is about at all. The Regen is great, but it’s not going to change anything - heck even YYF themselves were already making high-quality 100% plastics with the Severe, along with metal-weighted products like the Protostar and Northstar. The question really is, with the current crop of low-cost high quality metals (Shutter, Horizon, Benchmark Series) will people still buy expensive (50+) plastics. I know I will, but I think in general people feel that metal=better quality and value for money.

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Well I guess we’re dealing with more than one extreme then. Those who feel the release of ReGen means nothing at all, and others who believe it to be the second coming.

I would fall into neither category. I feel that the release of the ReGen is important, but not life altering. Using previous designs and switching materials is nothing new. When done well it can have amazing results though. I feel that the ReGen could easily be for YYF’s plastic line what the Space Cowboy is for YYF’s premium metal roster. It plays on par with any of yoyofactory’s $50 metals in terms of stability, spin time, and quality of play. With that said, there are still other amazing plastic yoyos on the market.

You can read my extended thoughts here:,80156.0.html

I’m pretty sure metals will continue to be the prefered material.

I don’t think there are enough Opinions to say that. I guarantee there are a ton of people who love this yoyo and think it is a great idea… Don’t base your comments on just a few opinions. Unless I am missing something?..

as far as high qaulity plastics. YYF is kind of late in the game. note: i do not consider the north/protostar a high quality plastic. I would however consider the Severe a high quality plastics. I have to admit I’m a sucker for POM machined plastics " delrin " The zeekio zenith is one of the best delrin throws ive played and it is under $30, prob the cheapest delrin throw other than the Magic D5. Also if i would have to call any company a game changer when it comes to high quality plastics it would be London & 3YO3 :wink: