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While the Regen is great, it’s not groundbreaking, and it won’t cause plastics to gain any popularity over metals.

That being said, I would like to see more companies experiment with high end plastics. The Yeti is obviously highly praised, the Rally is too, the Diffusion 2 also (not necessarily a high end plastic material, but plays very high end). All of those draw heavy influences from other throws in the manufacturers’ lineups. The Regen follows that trend, and continues to show that it’s a viable thing to do. I’d like to see even more experimentation from companies with different types of plastic and different shapes. I especially like the idea of plastics mimicking a metal design, because while it will still play slightly different, if the shape is similar, you can have a cheap option in a plastic version to carry around wherever you want and not care about.

Regardless of material, it’s a great time to be into throwing. There are just so many choices.

Personally, it changes with the seasons. I love using metals in the summer and plastic during the winter. Plastics during the winter because they don’t get as cold when spinning.

I never coined to the thought of the regen being “nothing at all” which in itself contradictory to this thread
What I was trying to point out to the op is that this is just another great (as so I’ve heard) plastic release, nothing groundbreaking

Some people prefer plastic
But in terms of performance, don’t think plastic>metal will happen

I didn’t say that you did. That is how some others may feel though. I tried to make it clear that I was addressing a spectrum of thoughts regarding the yoyo. I’m sorry you felt singled out.

Yes it has, and most of them are still around. The problem is that a good number of the kids here now grew up under the notion that the only good yoyo is s metal yoyo.

I get the point you’re making but feel a nitpicky urge to point out that’s even though the yeti is somewhat based off of the chief, it’s a totally different animal. It lacks the double rings, weighs significantly more, and is both wider and larger in diameter. Just sayin…
Ok tangents aside, back to the original subject now

Of course the cup is different. Lol. It’s plastic, they aren’t going to have the same cups as a metal design. I thought that would be obvious. I never said they were exact copies. Maybe I should have used the word “Chief inspired”.

The rally has a different cup design than the Code 2. Heck it even has metal weight rings!

And if you ever get a chance I’m sure you notice a couple differences between the Super G and it’s plastic counterpart.

(Slight tweaks in shape and the cup)

And I’d also say that the Rally is probably a different animal than the Code 2. Likewise, the Regen is definitely a different animal than the Super G (I have both, so I know this to be true).

Plain and simple, you can’t make the same throw out of two different materials. They can be the same profile, but they’ll play differently. They can play similarly, but their shapes will have to be different. You just can’t translate between materials and produce both the same feel and same shape combined.

I think gocrazy’s statement holds true in some sense… Yes, there are people that are really happy with the Regen (I’m one of those people) just like people rejoice over the Rally and Yeti. But the Regen has also caught a ton of negative flak compared to those other two. Granted, most of that flak isn’t about the actual play of the Regen, rather, it’s people being butthurt about not getting a metal in the standard box. But it still hasn’t had the most well-received release, especially not compared to the Rally or Yeti.

Ultimately i don’t want to argue about this and i wasn’t intending to call anyone out on anything. I just felt that somebody new to yoyoing might see “clyw makes a plastic chief” and get the idea that it’s pretty much the same thing just plastic (i know because i’m not far the new-to-yoyo stage).
I specifically mentioned the chief vs. yeti because the double rings are the reason for the unique feel of the chief and thought that there was probably a more significant difference between the two than the code2/rally or super g/regen. I noticed that my initial post doesn’t read quite the way i had meant so again, i had no intention of trying to call you out or know-it-allness.

Oh and is the regen delrin or just normal plastic? i keep hearing both sides, could someone clear that up for me?

Don’t be too sure that the double rings on the chief give it the unique feel. I doesn’t seem logical to me that it would, but I could be wrong. Just don’t be too sure.

The regen is not delrin. It isn’t exactly normal plastic either. It seems to be similar to delrin, though.