Two questions...

What is your favorite plastic yoyo? And what is your favorite metal yoyo? Please list in that order.

I’ve seen somthing like this before…

Plastic= YYJ Legacy
Metal= YYF G5

Yeah… Sorry it’s a little simaler to other recent posts but I wanted to know peoples favorite metals… So I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

Plastic: Legacy
Metal: Tough, its between the 5Star v2 or Dv888. If I had a Hat Trick, it would dominate both.

Plastic: I dont have it but I love the Protostar
Metal: Wooly Marmot or BOSS.

Plastic: If its something I own, Bolt. If not, Protostar.

Metal: Curently, Peak.

Lyn Fury, Meteor.

Plastic: A Legacy or a Cream. Never tried either but they seem to play well…
Metal: Catch 13

Plastic:Spinfaktor HG :smiley:
Metal: Spinfaktor HG. Ha just kidding. I’d have to say L3.

YYJ Legacy

YYF 888

plastic id choose cream
metal is choose the 5star (big surprise there huh)

plastic: PGM or Legacy
metal: dv888

Plastic: Aquarius
Metal-Rimmed: Black Knight
Metal: Copycat

Plastic: HF
Metal: Peak

plastic protostar
metel muntant dna r california

Plastic; gm version2
Metal; dv888 ;D :wink: :smiley: