Do I REALLY need a metal?

I’ve been practicing like mad for the SCR contest. I currently have a Kickside that has had it’s starburst sanded, and is now for the most part unresponsive (I know how to bind, BTW). Yet, I want to step up my game with something even better! I was looking towards the YYF, ILYY, and SPYY metals. Alas, some say that metals aren’t nessesary, that I only need Metal/Plastics such as the DM. If this is true, then I would certainly go with the Protostar, but I’m not shure…

i would go with something that wouldnt fail on you with it snagging during a trick so i would go with a yyf fundamentals which have giant gaps good for long string tricks

You do NOT need a metal. People buy metal yoyos because it performs better and have more types of yoyos. Takeshi won the world(I forgot the year…) 5a division with lyn fury.
Some people does not use metal yoyos because they think that it is “cheating” and you don’t really try because metal yoyos is so good. I tend to go back to my plastic yoyos from time to time.

Metals offer a very wide variety now-a-days, but they’re aren’t necessary. Even metal rimmed yoyos aren’t necessary. I play plastics about 90% of the time. Just don’t really care for metals that much.

It’s up to you though. Might also just stick with what you have until you can try some different stuff out at SCR.

Just to point this out…
But ever since Jensen Kimmitt went to YYF, all the contests he has one in the states has been on a Protostar… This is facing metals all around. You don’t need plastics to win, just have to be the third cousin of Zues or something. ::slight_smile:

But seriously, if you doubt your need for one, save your money and get something you want more. Or if you really want one, then do it.
Just my 2 cents

Protostar is a great yoyo. I would say that it is the best plastic out on the market.

Really good points there. I do have a small feeling of “cheating” from metals though, (I feel like i’m not using it to it’s full potential if I bind only halfway through its actual spin time) I liked the Protostar beforehand anyway ;D

I think you should get a metal. You can’t go wrong with one. You could get a grind machine if you think plastic satisfies you. I recommend ILYY models. I want a Fury. If you often smack yourself in the face I do not recommend metal for you. Believe me, it hurts. I use metals and I am not ashamed. I can make a Pyro Light sleep over 3 minutes.

Metals are nice but not necessary. I love the YYJ metal rimmed line personally. I would say that you should try them out at the contest and see for yourself. They offer a different feel that you can’t get from plastic.

Some plastics perform almost as well as metals. Perhaps as well or better in some cases. It’s really going to vary from yoyo to yoyo. The High End plastics have been designed with the express purpose of competing with metals.

To conclude
Die Nasty = Awesome

Just sayin…lol :slight_smile:

The answer to that question would be no, you don’t actually need a metal, several “high-end” plastics and the newer YYJ hybrids give you enough of everything.

Right there is one of my main go-to YoYo’s besides a FHZ. I do have metals (and love them all) but I do find myself playing plastics just as much. Like most said, you do “not” need a metal YoYo.

True, metals are not neccesary. There are a lot of really good plastics out there. A few examples would be plastic grind machine 2 or as you said the protostar. I, was thinking about the protostar a few days ago and it seemed like a really nice yoyo.

I have 2 axioms, 1 rhongto, 1 frantic, 1 speeder, 1 fhz(modded) and 1 lyn.

Guess which one i like most.

PGM 2 ;D

Out of the yoyos I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a fair amount, I haven’t had one plastic yoyo with a regular/good bearing that couldn’t handle what I gave it. The Protostar and all those are good, but they’re “hyped up,” if you will, so that people will buy them. It worked, but most plastics can perform with the rest of them.

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I have no more pgm v2. My fav is actually the lyn…

Yes, many plastics anymore are hyped up. Because they are still trying to put plastics out into a market where metal is usually found nowadays. Protostar was supposed to be the “Death of metal”, but I still go to my metals more often than not. Basically the only thing that seperates Plastic and Metal is how much you pay. Also, more companys make metal yoyos, that’s because they are, in most cases, actually cheaper to make than plastics. Which is why a company can throw out metals before plastics, it’s not that metals are better, just more economical.

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i dont think you need a metal yoyo. i have gotten through most of the tricks in the learn section and tricks from other places with only a pgm v2, my new breed, and surprisingly a throwmonkey with only one friction sticker. also, if metals are cheaper to make than plastics, then shouldnt metals be cheaper? ???

Injection molded plastic yo-yos have a very high start up cost. You have to get the molds machined which can cost over a thousand dollars. Once you have that mold, however, you can make the yo-yos extremely cheap. The plastic price is very low and you are only paying for time on the injection molding machine.

Metal yo-yos are cheaper to make in smaller numbers. You can make a profit with a run of a hundred yo-yos. Smaller numbers plus a higher demand equals a more expensive product.