Hey guys, so i was looking at the YYF Regen and its metal “brother” the Super G and i had an interesting idea.
What if YYF, or any company for that matter, were to make “Plastic-ized” versions of their metal yoyos?

Which yoyos would you all want to see as “plastic-ized”?

By this i mean that a metal yoyo is either the same dimensions (or close to) and the metal being replaced by plastic entirely, and/or having a metal weight ring in a part of the plastic that does not violate the YYJ patent.

For me personally, I would love to have a plastic version of the Horizon, except for the “bowl” for fingerspins (this would still be anodized aluminum), it would be really good for someone who wants the long spin and fingerspin-ability of the horizon, without having to sacrifice ~$45 (like me :P)

I wold like to see some
Plastic organics eventually.

I think you’re on to something but there is really already great, fantastic High-End Plastic Throws out there saturating the Market. If somebody wants to get the best of the best Plastic for 1A, it can be had at a reasonable price. I myself would like to see more High-End 1A Ballbearing Wood Yo-Yo’s.

YYR did this with the triad

I completely agree with you on this

Bring back the FH1 and FHZ.

Oh, and the paper mache.

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Dang I still don’t have a FHZ… I really should get a sili’d one.

The Milk is where it’s at.

I think people should focus on making good plastic yoyos rather than making good metal yoyos plastic.