YoyoFactory Regen Coming Soon...

So, according to Instagram, these will be available around February 1st. Two colors will be released, and different than the solid black/black caps in the mystery boxes. What do you think of the colors, and who is going to pick one up? I have two solid black, so I’m eyeballing that white one. Let me know if anyone knows the retail price set for it.


(@yoyofactory Instagram photo)

I saw this in Instagram too, not that big of a fan. It surely looks like it’ll be polycarbonate which I am spoiled by metal yoyos… Thanks mostly to my Shutter for that metal obsession.

was honestly thinking of picking one up but that teal is AWFUL.

i cannot imagine why they would make that decision…


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It actually might be a good candidate for you. From YYF ask.fm:

That white and teal is just fine for me :slight_smile: I’m a sucker for white yo-yos, probably because it can’t be done in metal (without powdercoat anyway)

I was buying white Delrins on a regular a few years ago, because I like white too. A better profile of the Regen next to it’s metal counterpart, Super G:

https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7504/15880288356_2f7eae9691_z.jpgGentryThrow3 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

I already had the mystery box one, enjoyed it for a bit and sold it so I will almost certainly pass on these but I think they look great, especially the white/teal one. They are well worth the $45 price tag.

Cracks fingers Ok. Lets get this started.
I’ve been watching you (It’s hard to miss your clone trooper picture) since your post about the two shutters (nice pictures btw) and I’m hear to tell you: Don’t. Doubt. Plastic.
I used to be a HARD core metal lover. I use to avoid playing with plastic if i could. Like, just not throw if it had to be with a plastic. Then everything changed when i made a trade and they threw in a protostar.
I fell head over heels in love. Soon, i stopped playing with my n12 (magic yoyo shutter basically. XD) Then my shutter…then my super nova…then i got the mystery box (which i thought i was unhappy with but then garret comment on a post, and i was like “…oh! You guys jedi mind tricked me, i love it!”) and dude.
The regen Preforms just as, if not better than the shutter. And I’m not just saying that. I promise you I’m not. Even if i took my love of plastic out of it, the only reason i would pick the shutter is for grinds (even though it’s VERY much possible to finger and hand grind on the Regen.) That way, my shutter stays shiny and I have a kick butt throw to use. Regen i think is a little heavier, but if you like metals you wont mind that.
I would recommend for you, just as one metal lover to another, try the regen if you can. It’s a amazing plastic throw and the blue color way makes my body quiver with unnatural feelings of love towards a yoyo.
(I also loved the shaqler that came in the box, but that’s for another set of reasons.)
(also if you really like the shutter, check out the magic yoyo n12)

I love the white. I’ll be purchasing one in white. I’m not the biggest fan of the teal but I do feel it looks cleaner and more crisp on the white. Didn’t purchase a mystery box so this throw will be new to me.

Aaah, I can’t believe I actually read all that. The one biggest thing I like about metal is when I pick it up, it’s the cold temperature that gives it that solid feel. It’s just hard not to pick up a plastic and feel it the same way metal does.

Are they really calling it the Regen? I thought that was a working name someone came up with here on the boards (I forget who). That would be kind of cool to be that person and they did indeed go with Regen as the name.

I still have mine from my mystery box and loved it. And since I’ve been doing the Fixed Axle ‘15, I’ve been using a mix of wood and plastic yoyos - mostly Duncan ProFlys. And I want to second That-one-kid’s statement that you shouldn’t doubt plastics. Metal is beautiful, but plastics still can satisfy your throwing needs admirably. If YYF put in more interesting caps, they might be on to something. Instead of the solid teal, how about multi-colored swirls? Or reflective caps of gold, silver and copper. There are a lot of possibilities. And for $45, it’s a rockin’ throw, no doubt. I’ll never sell mine. Can’t wait to throw it again… in 2016. :-[

XD Well at least you gave it a fair read. XD I know, I REALLY like that too, and the grind of a metal just feels so nice, but do you ever take a yoyo with you, and feel REALLY nervous about dinging or scatching it? It’s such a relief to take a throw with you and not really worring about hurting it incase something happens (Damage, lost, stolen, etc).

Woah woah woah now, let’s get one thing straight - that’s a STORM TROOPER, not a Clone Trooper. If there’s one thing I won’t tolerate it’s wrong information about Star Wars :slight_smile:

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XD Fair enough! But wouldn’t storm troopers be a subclass of the clone troopers? Your still more right than me though.

No, Storm Troopers came later in the Empire’s reign and are in fact not Clones, just regular people (hence their terrible accuracy compared to the Clones).

Huh. I never knew that. So it went clones for everyone, clones for the empire, then they just got storm troopers? That makes sense. Did they ever say that in the movies? (I get all my trooper knowledge from the battle front games soo…yeah. XD )

Not yet…but the movies aren’t done either :slight_smile:

Fair enough! So the troopers in the movies are people, not clones, even though they haven’t said that yet? (brain is getting dizzy)

We’re way off topic here(my fault) but there’s a lot more to Star Wars than 6 movies, and I’m just talking about G-canon stuff not all of the Expanded Universe…I mean “Legends”.