YoyoFactory Regen Coming Soon...

I’m still interested in the star ways stuff, so I might go make a topic in unrelated, but I’ll end it with a regen topic. XD
REALLY Want that blue color way. Looks absolutely amazing.

In the movies (especially prequels) the Empire used Clone Troopers cloned from Jango Fett, hence the movie “Attack of the Clones”. After the Empire fell (not in the movies, the end) they just employed random people which is why the above said they miss so much. (Previous information is based off my head, I got rusty after getting into yoyoing :P)

You’re forgetting that it was actually the Jedi/Republic who ordered the Clones and had their own clone army, the Empire didn’t even exist at that time. Also Storm Troopers were in use way before the fall of the Empire, since the Empire didn’t fall until the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of the Emperor.

Its not 45, its 50$

thats about 62 loonies to you

I could have sworn it was GoCrazyforYoyo. I’m not sure if that’s correct, but if so…

As far as I am concerned $45 or $50 is too much for this throw. I purchased the 2014 mystery box and was disappointed with the Regen. I did not like it and after trying it out I just put into one of my cases. When you buy any new model yoyo you are taking a chance. This time, in my opinion, I lost.

Soooo…don’t buy it? Lots of people did like it, which is why YYF are doing a production run. If it doesn’t sell, I’m sure there won’t be more. There are lots of yo-yos I think cost far more than they’re worth to me, doesn’t mean it’s not worth that much to someone else.

40 dollars this yoyo is a killer plastic. It plays well and I can take it with me places and feel good about having a decent yoyo I don’t have to worry about scratching or denting.

No, yoyofactory came up with the name; otherwise they wouldn’t have said what they said. It seems to me thatGoCrazy is usually on the ball when it comes to the YYF askfm, so you might have seen him post before you saw yoyofactory say the name.

I read it differently, as though they were asking someone to scroll through old ask.fm posts to find out who suggested the name, and let them know. GoCrazy says he used the name on the forums and in his review of the Regen early on, so I PMed him for clarification already.

Someone on IG proposed concave caps for this. Interesting.

We shall await the Crazy verdict.

Haha, great name though. ReGentry. :wink:


The sign of a great name.

You are correct.  He helped to spread the name early on, before it was actually chosen as the final name.  It gained some more momentum after his review.  Fourth paragraph down.

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He was right.

Thanks for doing the research on that, TA.  :smiley:

You know me, haven’t bought a yoyo in 2 years now, but it looks like a nice yoyo, throw a neon yellow string on there and you will have hours of FUN!

No plans on buying it though :confused:

Neon yellow looks good on almost ANY yoyo. XD It’s good. I recommend it. Lot of people were trading them for real cheap on the bst for a while, if you can find one cheap or for a good trade, I recommend it.

I’m really tempted to grab a white one. I got the mystery box one, and I really like it a lot. The price is right on the money in my opinion. I also got the Shaqlerstar in the mystery box, and the Regen is definitely worth $10 more in my opinion. The Shaqler is no slouch in terms of abilities for a plastic, but the Regen tops it in pretty much every category I can think of. Better spin times, more stable, material feels way more premium, much MUCH quieter, feels and seems more durable, better axle system (no spacers!), and better looking in my opinion.

I think it would be pretty cool if YYF started producing more plastics with the same material and axle configuration, because the Regen is a winner.

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