YYF Replay

So, apparently, YYF is working on a new Gentry Stein signature called the Replay? Does anyone have any information on this? I just now saw it in the GentryxJohnAndo video and I am interested in knowing more about it.


all I know is you can psuedo pre-order one as a perk in the yoyofactory indiegogo.

The YYF Replay from a few years back maybe? I had a couple of them… if it’s the same, decent yoyo’s for very inexpensive!

Stolen from “bombsquads” tumblr


the ‘new’ replay is a total redesign from the little Ben has said

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here’s a video of Gentry playing with it. can’t tell much from the video other than it looks large and plastic.

Yoyofactory has said on ask.fm that the only thing in common is the name. It’s a complete redesign.

Nice thread Zorro. :wink: Does anyone have specs on it?

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it was a plastic avant garde, a failed project in 2010, i have one of the solid white ones from worlds that i got for 10 bucks.

Looks like plastic MVP

Yes, that is the video I saw it in.

Thanks, but I have no idea about anything and everything is a mystery that only YYFBen knows about. I can’t wait until he releases information on it.

BIG NIC’s pictures certainly make it look that way, but according to Ben, this will be a completely new design. I’m excited to know about it. I like all things Gentry.

Yea it looks big and plasticy I thought it was a flight for a second.

Until he did 1A, right?

Looks cool in the video from what can be seen… But I like anything in that clearish yellow neon whateveryoucallthatcolor! :wink:
Someone has to have some pictures of this NEW Reply!?! :-X


There’s an ok picture on the Indiegogo page.

Oh wow, in all honesty, that looks awful.

I kind of like it… ;)not the color combos but the organic shape looks nice!

I am already wanting one just a little… more picture’s hopefully!

You can see some pictures of replay on their Instagram page.

Thanks for the info… Definitely looks cool! I am in for one… Liking the one Ando is using too, kind of a clear black?! :o
May need to grab both colors!! :slight_smile:

You get a pretty good look at it at the beginning of this video