The new plastic Gentry Stein Signature Mystery

So by this time most of us know the mystery boxs contain the new signature gentry stein throw. It seems to be simply a machined plastic version of his super G. But there is still a lot of mystery behind this throw. And recently I’ve been bouncing around between the fourms, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook trying to find some more info on this throw. So I am making this thread in hopes to make my search more centralized. So please, if you get any new info on this somewhat still mysterious throw post it up on this thread. Let’s work together and figure this out.

  • I thought The mystery would be solved once I found out what was going to be in my box. But it seems as tho the plot has thickened ???
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Gentry was recently at YoLex. If you live near Roseville you could of talked to him there.

Although this may not be the most realistic way. I assume asking him in person would have been the most direct way? Lol.

YYF is seriously contemplating naming the yoyo REGEN. They have also asked to community to help in the naming process.

Source: YYF

Man, getting that mystery box was a blessing. It plays so good. The regen is a pretty sweet name. It does them pretty well, too

I’m prob gonna get some bad reactions by saying this. but i cant help but be a little bummed out. YYE and YYF were ranting how this was gonna be the best mystery box yet. Last years boxs were awesome. some even contained the genesis with hubstacks! this year we got a plastic re-release of a nearly 4 year old throw. I’m sure it is awesome, and i love a good plastic so I’m sure i am going to love it. But i defiantly feel like they over-hyped this one. i doubt there is too many people that wouldn’t trade their plastic super g for a genesis? I know i would without thinking twice.

I would’ve liked a Hubstack Genesis AND the new Gentry model ;D

To bad you can’t time travel and get last years deal.

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That 4 year old model is beast though. I got one luckily at GA States and it is one of my top throws for sure. I can’t wait to try the new one.

I’m not going to deny that I thought last year’s was “better” in a certain way. But an unreleased yoyo is a pretty cool thing for a lot of people.

And having had a chance to play with this particular yoyo, I think it was definitely worth the cost.

So, here’s the informational part of my reply here, as per the original post:

It’s really very good. Unlike most plastics, instead of feeling clunkier than its weight, it actually to me felt faster than its weight. I wasn’t expecting it to feel so nimble and responsive. I’m not saying it’s the fastest yoyo ever made or anything, just saying that it felt way more elegant in the hand than I thought it would from the appearance of it.

Very smooth to the touch and pretty smooth on the string, too. The binds and regens (!) were dialled in absolutely perfect on the one I got to try (which had broken in pads, mind you… fresh pads are not perfect for binds, IMO, and I know Jiggy Fly wasn’t impressed with the snagginess out of the box… just wanted to throw out there that the one I tried was not fresh from the box).

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You consistently have some of the best posts on this forum. This is totally unrelated to the topic, but your presence is definitely appreciated.


hmm greg are you saying that someone has been playing with your yoyo??

Goldilocks has struck again papabear ( i think thats what the “P” means )

You guys don’t love the new throw?
It’s the best thing I’ve ever played! It’s so nice, the reponse is amazing, the finish. I mean, what’s not to like about it? Rereleasing this thing and making it into a plastic is the best thing ever! It’s what I’ve always wanted! It’s just WOW!

Wait a second.

I didn’t get a mystery box.
Never mind.

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I wonder if they only do one production run of the regen if they’ll be as hyped up and rare as the yetis. I am excited for it, but at the same time really wish it was a metal to add to my small collection.

Thanks so much, GoCrazyForYoyo! That means a lot!

Alecto: I was fiddling with someone else’s yoyo. I was the Goldilocks in this case!

(“P” is for “Pilfer”)

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hahaha greg(pilfer)

well back on track i have one of the plastics sitting in a box waiting to be wrapped and hidden under a tree. i can’t wait to christmas to try it it looks so smooth from the pics its what a plastic needs to be.

Feels pretty good to play around with, more so than other plastic yoyos and I enjoyed the other plastic I got. I like them purely for what they are, toys.

OMG! I am sooooooooo mad right now. My tracking says it should be arriving today. Low and behold I just checked the mail and all there is are bills. No package. Done with crummy USPS tracking.

Note they do get scratched up really quickly

The contents of the $50 box are my first two “high end” plastics. And I couldn’t be happier. The Regen is outstanding. Really long spin times, very stable, and very nimble. Also surprisingly comfortable in hand for such a defined H shape. I also got a USA Super G in my Collector’s box, so it’s cool to have both the metal and plastic versions now, especially since they’re both great, and I wouldn’t have ever bought them usually… I would have been missing out heavily had I not gotten these.