Should I grab a Surge when it comes out?


When I get paid, should I order one?

I wasn’t a huge fan of the classic. The Huge diameter and shape didn’t agree with me.

Anyone think I will feel differently about this?

I think the organic shape will change how I feel about it.


Mmm I loved the Surge at BAC, I hope you’ll like it if you get one. In the end, it’s not a high money risk. It’s a fine throw and would buy it any day.


You got nothing to lose man, I believe its $15-$20?


I can’t say. It’s different. I played one at BAC and I found it to be a bit heavy on the first throw, but it wasn’t mine and I tend to hold back a bit, especially since I don’t know what the string length is. After that, I can open up and when I threw it straight and hard, it really lightened up.

Yes, it’s heavy.
No, it doesn’t play as light as a Chaser, which is heavier and plays lighter.

The Surge doesn’t kind of take things up where the Classic left off, but it took some nods from it for sure. Yes, more organic-kind of shape, comfortable, horizontal friendly, not so bad on the grinds too.

I’m looking forward to having one. Maybe more than one.

I also enjoy the Classic with upgrades too.


I have a brand new one coming with a upgraded Classic tomorrow(all for $20!) in the mail I plan on getting another one if I like it, the small gap and weight kind of scare me though but the shape is perfect for me!


I’m kind of interested in one. But the .14 inch gap? Isn’t that a bit small? Will it not be very unresponsive? Or snag a lot?


Theoretically it could be a problem. However, I am pretty confident that it will play great and that yoyojam has a reason for a thin gap. It makes a yoyo a lot more stable/ solid if it has a thin gap and large diameter in my experience. It could also be for durability or just plain uniqueness… We have not seen this shape or style of yoyo in the 15 dollar range, as far as I can tell. Finally, some people I really respect (Dr. Yoyo Over at, studio42 here, probably 1 other person who I am forgetting and is going to get mad at me because they think I don’t respect them lol) like this yoyo. To quote Dr. Yoyo (aka Chris) “This sweet throw drops next week. I have it, and I Highly recommend it.” If Chris likes it, it has to be pretty good! For studio 42’s opinion, just look up. If worse comes to worse, just wait a bit. People will get them and then they will tell you what they think. I am definitely grabbing one.


I’ll tell you when I get mine. :smile:


If you get it, will you enter this video contest thingy?



I’ll just get it and have fun with it!!


It looks FUN more than anything :smiley:


Decided to order a Surge last night. And then saw the special for 50% off YYJ shirts with the Surge so I got one of those as well. And then I remembered that I wanted to try Kitty 1.5 nylons so I added that. And… long story short, my Surge order ended up costing me about $165 XD (Plus another $25 in shipping because Australia is nowhere near anywhere).



I might order one, but I probably will end up never using it


3.5mm of gap is penty. If you need more, shim it out.

I’m having loads of enjoyment out of this yoyo. I also think it is siliconed from the factory because the pads look clear.

YYJ is onto something. First the Classic, now the Surge. What it needs is a cap like on the Theory and somehow get an IRG ring on there and it would be close to perfection. However, as-is, I’m really enjoying this. It’s not the same as an upgraded Classic, but they are in the same league now. More excellent low-cost plastics!!


When you don’t use it anymore send it my way, ill give it the love you never did :wink:


A little too much love haha, u need to lay off the yyj a bit and throw One Drop or something ::slight_smile:


I’ve done my homework, I know YYJ is for me.


I dont think i can handle having yoyos from onlyone company. I gotta love variety, each company has there own special feel to them… I want a CLYW Summit, One Drop Cascade, YYR Sleipnir, Anglam, YYF Avan Garde, GenYo Majesty, YYJ Titan3, etc., etc. gotta have a little something from eah company to keep things unique, but thats just me :wink:


I am probably going to get a red one with blue caps on my next YYE order.

I mean, it looks great and it is only $16.20. Go for it.


Dude buy one now if you haven’t. I got mine yesterday and it’s amazing! It feels large in the hand but a very comfortable, it doesn’t feel like 70g feels more like 68g, is very smooth for a plastic, and if your worried about the gap snagging up don’t be I’ve been playing thick string in it and it plays perfectly fine no snagging at all.