Any opinions on the surge?


My birthdays coming, and along with the summit that I plan to be ordering, I would like some beater yoyos. I want some that I can take anywhere. My price range is under 20 dollars. I am planning to get 2
Of the yoyo I choose. I was thinking surges. How do they compare to a psg, high end metals, ect. How does it play?


Basically a really over all great plastic, it is a bit heavy for some, so be aware. However it truly does feel like you are throwing a metal. :smiley:

Oh and some complain about the gap size being too small, so if you wish you can add some shims to your order since they are just a dollar a set.


I really like the Surge. It’s a great yoyo (and it’s quite sturdy). It’s a bit heavy for me, but still great.

(kclejeune) #4

Don’t worry about the weight. It’s not an issue, you get used to it. It makes other stuff feel floaty!


Definitely. Whenever I’m having difficulty with a trick I just try it on the Surge and I improve immediately.


Or you could get a onestar…


The Onestar is 62g, the Surge is 70g and has much better balance but moves way slower