I’ve been wanting to get a new Yo for a while now I’ve been leaning more towards the YYJ surge. Then I started looking at the One star (Specifically the Paul Han Edition. Pinks awesome).

The only thing that concerns me is the surges weight it seems like a very heavy throw. But they say it plays just like a metal.


Neither play like a metal. Yes, the Surge is heavy but it doesn’t play heavy. Or: The pre-releases do play heavy, the production ones do not play heavy.

The OneStar I feel is too light, but other than that, I find no flaws with it.

The shapes are very different and therefore how they perform and play are different. I prefer heavier stuff, so the Surge is my choice. The OneStar can get moving super fast, but because it is so light, it can get unstable when pushed super fast. The Surge just won’t be pushed super fast as the shape won’t really allow it, as well as the weight.

As good as they both are, I don’t feel either play like a metal. They both do play very good though.


My onestar is really good. Studio is right, if you try to ply fast it will tilt and die.it is light, but that’s not really a problem. The shape of the onestar is really awesome also.


The surge is awesome

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I really dig the shape of the One Star. It’s also very good for it’s price.


Really, it’s a toss up. They both perform about equally, so just choose the one whose specs you like better.

In regards to the Surge’s speed, I actually thought it could go quite fast.


I wrote a longer “review” on the onestar, on a post named “onestar vs surge”


You might want to edit it. It was more of a run-on sentence.

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I prefer the surge, it has the weight it needs for better spin times and stability. I prefer the alpha crash over it, if that’s an option… OR if the Rally is an option too I like that more than both. :slight_smile:


The Surge is good. The Onestar is alright, I have had both.

I honestly recommend Surge over the onestar unless you hate heavy yoyos.

The Onestar IS good though


If you’re going to be looking at any reviews on the OneStar, look at Noonar’s. His has pictures, and actually uses correct spelling/grammar/punctuation. Personally, the OneStar is too light, I’d go for the Surge.


Yay thanks

Yeah I try make good reviews.


Lol I was in a hurry, there was no WiFi and I couldn’t use anymore internet. I wrote it in like 2 min

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That’s not a review, that’s a first impression. Might as well not even write a review unless its close to as long, or as long as the ones one High Speed YoYo or YYS. You really don’t learn anything more from smaller reviews than you do from looking at the specs and some kids biased view of the yoyo.


I didn’t really like the Surge. It plays pretty well, but the gap is way too small and its a bit narrow for my liking. It also does play quite heavy and whilst I don’t mind this, I know other people have mentioned that it’s too heavy for them.

If a plastic is within your range and you have the money, I would highly recommend the Onedrop Rally. In my opinion it’s leaps and bounds better than both the throws you have mentioned and its not all that expensive.