velosity or legacy

i want to get the best between legacy and velosity could u help

Velocities are alright, but they don’t weigh very much. The starburst shuttle response also tends to
slip on binds/tugs. The Legacy on the other hand, comes with a precleaned bearing, so it will be unresponsive on first throw. It also has a silicone response, which binds tight. Underneath the caps of the Legacy, are metal weight rings embedded into the plastic, which gives the Legacy nice weight and great spin times. And last of all, the Legacy is made of the eversmooth, chemical resistant celcon
plastic. Legacy is your best bet, and for such a good price.

I like Legacies so much, I have 2 for 3A.

I think You can’t go wrong with any of these two, both will perform just fine. I would go with velocity, cause I really want one. Look what Elliot can do with it:

I’m not a big fan of starburst. The legacy’s silicone response has very tight binds.
I believe the velocity has a “H” shape and the Legacy has a little more traditional butterfly shape.
It depends on what shape you like.
Also the velocities are lighter, and I personally don’t like the feel of it.
Ether choice is good though.
I’d say the best bet is the legacy IF you are ready to bind.

Yep. Matt covered it all. If you are intermediate and can bind, get a legacy. If not, get a velocity. It’s still awesome, can be responsive and unresponsive. If your binds slip, its your technique, mine doesn’t slip when the starbursts are fully recessed.

i think i might get a legacy