Legacy VS. Velocity

How is the Legacy compared to the Velocity for a begginner?Which one would you say to get for a begginner?

Velocity if the unnamed beginner can’t bind. If he/she can bind, the Legacy.

velocity will be great for the beginner.

yeah, some beginners can pick up binding pretty quickly, but it would be safe to go with the velocity. i have heard its a geat beginnerst yoyo!

personally i would go for the legacy. that is the yoyo that i got when i first started. its great and it will also allow you to grow as a player.i went from a legacy to a x-convict in the space of about 2 months. The lagacy is a great yoyo!!! but that is just my opinion

I bought the Dark Magic first, I just got a Velocity.

I was going to get a legacy next but decided to go for the Velocity to try something new.

it’s kind of funny but today my setup is thick lube on the Dark magic for easy returns and the Velocity is adjusted for un-responsive play, for me I found the Velocity easier to bind then the DM.

as soon as I held the Velocity out of the box I instantly liked the feel of it. it’s not as wide as the DM, and feels softer in the hand or course.

it does have it’s weight more in the center vs. the DM which has it on the rims.

I noticed trying to learn a sting trick with the velocity it was not as forgiving with a bad throw.

but throwing the Velocity Straight makes it do it’s thing just fine. I also loved how free the bearing was out of the box.

I mentioned DM a lot because it is the same size/shape as the Legacy, so I hope it provides some insight.

totally liking the Velocity so far. yellow with Pink poly string :slight_smile: looks good in the FAST holder to :slight_smile:

feel free to read my velocity review.

i love the velocity and always will. small lons pinning stable responsive or un-responsive. this yoyo will forever be one of the best beginner yoyos IMO.

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