needs help buying a yoyo

does anyone know of a good intermediate yoyo, i just started yoyoing this week and i have mastered all the begginner tricks but i cant move on to intermediate cuz i have a clutch yoyo. i dont wanna spend alot of money.i was looking at the yoyofactory velocity cuz u can change the responsiveness which i think would be great so i could move from intermediate to advanced without buying multiple yoyo’s ( like i said im on a budget). anyone have any good cheap yoyo’s that are good for intermediate. also anyone know how long the average sleep time is on a velocity.

I have a velocity and love it. It got me through all the intermediate tricks and most of the advance it’s a gret choice. I can get mine to sleep about 30-35 seconds on a good throw.

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do you know of any yoyo’s that would be good for thumb grinding?

For tht price range there not much for thumb grinds. The only one I can think of is the pop star but thts an undersized throw so might not be good for a beginner

is the legacy good or is the velocity better?
nevermind cuz i cant find a legacy anywhere. i think i am gonna get a velocity a then when i get better i will get a dark magic 2

Good plan you won’t regret it

Velocity is a great starter yoyo, for beginner to advanced, but if you’re going to get a DM2, I think you should get the DM2 first.

DM2 comes with a thin bearing for responsive play and a YYJ High Speed Bearing for great unresponsive play. If you can learn bin first, I would recommend the DM2. You can learn bind on the thin bearing and gradually move on the the YYJ High Speed bearing.

In case you’re wondering, a DM2 can spin around 2-5 minutes.

how often would i need to lube a dark magic?

Depends how much you throw. I throw 2-3 hours a day minim. so I clean it ever2 or 3 weeks

The dark magic is a lot better for thumb grinds, and I believe the whole “velocity can change response” is a tad overrated. Because the dark magic can switch between responsive and unresponsive, and that’s all you really need. You don’t need half responsive, or half unresponsive, they’re nice to have, but not necessary. Go for the Dark Magic. I got it as one of my first yoyos, and I don’t regret it.

legacy is discontinued so dont bother…

velocity is a great starter yoyo but i find it to be a yoyo u will play with for about 3 weeks then never use again i did the same with my speedmaker and i regret not just right away getting like a dm2 that i will like to use even after i have gotten better.

get a dm2 and keep it on the responsive bearing till your ready for unresponsive.