Great 35 dollar yoyo or lower

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on a high end 35 dollar 1a yoyo. I’ve been considering the protostar or the alpha crash but if there’s any other nice throws around that price I’d like to know.
Tks :slight_smile:

Get a Classic, IRpads, and a KK and you are going to thank me :slight_smile:

Protostar or Northstar are the ideal choices if you’re looking for a fast answer. They are both excellent.

The YYJ Chaser plays fast and light yet is heavy. Not for everyone.

Trigger: I’m just loving this to death. Excellent for 1A and 5A.

Legacy II, is great.

Classic with a better bearing(KK or Trifeca) and silicone: OMG!!

There are others, but these are stand-outs in my opinion.

Token if you are experienced and just want a fun little yoyo.

Alpha crash , play like a USD180 !!

Ill hold you to that.

Thanks guys! I’ll probably get the Alpha Crash. Does it still have a lot of rim weight though like a protostar, being all plastic?

I have a hard time believing that the Alpha Crash is an all-plastic yoyo. The Protostar doesn’t have this problem.

I assume you’re referring to the Berserker, which is a fantastic yoyo. Unfortunately while the Alpha Crash may share its shape I felt it played nothing like it. The one I played felt kinda hollow and cheap. For $20 it’s ok, but not what I expected from C3.

Maybe the one I played was a dud but I’d easily take a StarLite or Classic over it.

Not even close. I’d take an Alpha Crash over a NorthStar

The crash is great

I’d choose my one star over the alpha crash

Trigger! If I had to choose between it and my protostar I would definitely go with the trigger.