Cheap Yoyo...


Because of the sale that is happening i decided that im getting some string and response, and i decided i would like to get a cheap yoyo just to take advantage of the sale. Im looking for recommendations on throws that i must try that are in the $20-$30 dollars range. I would like something that plays different from what i currently have. My collection includes a Protostar, Severe, G-Funk, Super G, and OneStar. I am aware of the YYF that i have, but that is purely coincidental and i dont care about the company as long as its a solid player. Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Though I’m not completely familiar with how your current throws play, I’d like to suggest the YYJ Classic. Best $10 I ever spent on a throw. Strong spin, solid throw. Just be sure to get the YYJ silicone response upgrade and an unresponsive bearing for it! (It comes stock with o-rings and narrow bearing for responsive play.)
…Do it brother. You will not be disappointed.


Get a Classic. Now. ;D Seriosly, it can out perform a Protostar/Onestar, and vibes less.(mine did) It’s more solid than the Protostar, but never had a onestar. Get pads and a bearing.


Its a tug-of-war between and Alpha Crash and a Classic

(Waylon) #5

Or you can use flowable silicone. Personally, I prefer it. But yeah, get a Classic. No question about it. I just ordered another one today.


Which bearing plays best with the Classic?

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Mine has an old, tarnished concave of some kind that I rescued with Dry Lube. You can use pretty much any bearing. Nothing wrong with the YYF bearings you’re already used to.


Alpha crash or a yyo crayon


Another vote for the alpha crash

Love that thing for horizontal play and it’s just a better shape in my opinion than the classic


The Flipside is great. It is cool to go from a konkave to a size a and the spacers are great. I like that the shape is thin and it is very nimble it could use a little more weight.


The raptor is a good UNresponsive. It is a very good Duncan. It would be good to have different brands in your collection. I love that throw. Classic and alpha are good too, especially the classic.


Just get both, plus a bearing and response for the Classic.


I would’ve, but my parents had a limit of $50 (My final order clocked in at $50.92) and the Alpha Crash’s only color remaining was yellow, which i wasn’t a fan of.


If you have not made your order yet, an alpha crash with a center trac bearing is amazingness in a yoyo shaped box