IMPORTANT: Cheap Throws!!!


I want to buy a cheap throw just for the fun of it. Is the Yomega Dash or Yomega Maverick any good?

If not any other suggestions on $0-$30 yoyos??? I just feel like buying something new. Up my collection…you know what I mean.


Guys, I really need your help!


mm, 10 minutes is not a long time to go w/o a reply. :wink:

YYJ Journey, Good yoyo, cheap yoyo.


Ok, thanks!


I know, but I’m trying to get one before it gets too late! :wink:


No, don’t get Yomega Dash or Maverick. I’m not sure if they have been revamped but they are just bad compared to other cheaper yoyos. I know this from first hand experience. They are semi responsive and have bad spin times. If that’s what you’re looking for, then sure get it.


the adegle PSG I pretty good for its price, the yyf protostar, ive heard good things about the yoyojam XLR8 too :smiley:


Protostar ~$30.


yes about the XLR8 I own one there a fun Yoyo. But if you want a fun Yoyo a classic with a wide bearing is fun and a nice experience along with several Magicyoyos that are usually metal and are under $30.


YYJ Classic is GREAT


Magicyoyo N12 is the best one to get

YoyoOfficer Kilter is the next best thing though


Lyn furry speed maker freehand zero


Magicyoyos. Whichever you like, they’re all great




Yoyojam Surge.



I already got the PSG a while ago. It will be here by tomorrow!

Thanks for the help!


If you want something different and fun maybe try a wooden yoyo such as a Tom Kuhn. Additionally, I just got a Sage from YoTricks and LOVE it.


I heard that the Sage is just a Onestar with a different logo.


The sage is capable of switching between the half spec & centertrac bearing. Idk if that’s a true difference, but other than that you’re correct.


I’m not sure if a Onestar can do that or not. Hmm