Protostar questions

So my protostar has some vibe that I would like to tune out.

  1. Can you take out the weight rings and side caps?

  2. Does your protostar have a vibe?

It would probably destroy the yoyo if you take out the weight rings, and same for the things on the yoyo. ProtoStar’s have vibe if you don’t align the arrows, or if you stripped the axle, you will never be able to align the arrows firmly. So make sure that the arrows are aligned and everything is OK, and the ProtoStar will be OK. Also I had a ProtoStar once, and by accident the first time I tried to open the yoyo, I screwed it the other way, which stripped the axle, and I couldn’t align the arrows, so it had the worst vibe I’ve seen in my life on a yoyo, so I just gave it away for free.

When I put the yoyo together the arrows align but there is still vibe, is there any way I can tune my Protostar

I heard the teflon tape works but I am not sure…
Protostar usually vibes becuase of the press fit weight ring.

Ahhh ok then well it seems as though I will have to just deal with the vibe then, oh well I will try some teflon tape and see if it helps.

like, a dm vibe, or a mod went wrong vibe.

I overtightned my Protostar a little by accident, and I was able to tune out most of the vibe. Just tune it like a regular plastic.

vibe outa the box

You might want to look at this,17721.msg177258.html#msg177258

That was good and all but on my Protostar everything is lined up correctly. This I why I was wondering if was able to take off the caps and attempt to tune it using this method

You could do that but removing the caps would be a waste. The Protostar has a nut in each half of the yo-yo and a setscrew holding the two halves together. I suggest using [this] method.

the axle wont come off

I know how to get it off but I have not checked mine to see what the thread size is. Once you know the correct thread size here is a way to get it out.

Buy two or three nuts of the proper size. Just basic nuts, not self locking .Also make sure you have two sets of pliers.

After removing one side of the yoyo, bearing and spacers put on the nuts you got at the store. Do not let the closest nut touch the plastic ! Ok, now with the nuts finger tight take a pair of pliers and get a good hold of the nut closest to the plastic and turn. Because the nuts bind the axle should come out of the plastic. The second pair of pliers is for getting the nuts off the axle if they stick.

Now if the nuts just come off the axle when you turn the fix is to tighten the two nuts against each other a bit…not too much though. Too much can strip threads…

Good luck.

Ohh, I thought that it had a bolt and nut set up, not the way you describe. Thanks for setting me right. I will attempt to do the tape tuning method instead

The tell tale sign that I found was that in some pictures there is a hex key hole on the end of the axle. A bolt wouldn’t have that because it would be a useless feature. By process of elimination that leaves us with the only other choice, it is a setscrew.