Vibrating YoYo Help

Hello everyone! After 6 months of inactivity on the forums, I’m back! :smiley: I searched and I don’t think anyone has asked this question yet, so I apologize if I’m cluttering the forum.

I recently got a Protostar, but whenever I throw it, it vibrates on and off (no matter how well I throw it).

It will spin smooth for a second, then vibrate for a second, etc.

I thought my axle was uneven but I’m starting to think this isn’t the case. Any tips? :-\

Check the weight rings make sure they aren’t loose. And possibly cleaning out your bearing might help.


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Make sure the arrows are lined up, otherwise you can’t do much else but flip the axle. Mine is almost perfectly smooth, but some Yoyos with the metal rings end up with vibe. Sometimes a yoyo of mine can be vibey and the next time I screw it together it is glass smooth, so I would just roll with it unless it is very bad.

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Thanks! ;D

Just an fyi, the term you were looking for is “pulsating vibe”.

It could be the rings however it could also be a simple tune fix. Check out Brandon Vu’s video on how to tune a yoyo.

If you still have issues, just don’t worry about it. If you can still play the yoyo, then it’s doing its job well enough.

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I’ve tuned my yoyo several times and it hasn’t worked. The vibe is pretty annoying too.

I noticed something strange on my yoyo though. It’s a Protostar Japan Collection, and on the red circles in the middle of the sides I noticed a difference on the two sides. In the very middle on one side, it’s almost completely round, with a slight bump where it points, and on the other side the point is much more profound.

Do you guys think a difference this small could cause vibe? Or are all Protostars like this? I made a low quality example of the differences.

This is on the dead center of the yoyo? If so, I highly doubt it.

Yep. Dead center.

Likely just the price you pay for a Protostar. Axle might be bent, something might be outta line. I’d get a new throw if it’s really bothersome.

I might have to do that. :-[