I’ve heard about vibes, and was wondering what is it and how to prevent/fix it?

Vibe, or vibration, is when a yoyo has a tendancy to slightly vibrate at the end of the string. Most vibe doesn’t effect play, but some can get very severe. To not get vibe, generally don’t ding the yoyo too much, and make sure the axle stays center in the yoyo.

And make sure the yoyo is balanced. Or that each half is an equal circle, with equal weight distributed.

How do you know when the axle is in the center?

Bad throw also causes vibe…
I guess…

Correct me if I’m wrong… :slight_smile:

When its not vibrating… :wink:

You can measure it ;D Or spin it on a drill and make sure the yoyo spins even.

One thing I have noticed with some of these new very big gap yoyos is that sometimes I get vibe on some throws and not others. If I had to take an educated guess it is because of the bind releasing at the end of the throw. Sometimes you can almost year a little snap as the bind comes out. It’s not on every throw but when I am throwing my new Night Moves 5 I get a slight vibe maybe 1 out of 4 throws. I know it’s not the yoyos stability because if I slightly touch the yoyo it goes away and does not come back. If the yoyo is not stable it would come right back. And it does not happen on all throws. Just something I have noticed on some of my large gap yoyos. Anyone else see this at all? And before someone replies that it’s my throw. Its not. I have been throwing for almost 10 years. My throw is strong and straight. :stuck_out_tongue:

That very thing has happened to me before, djqsrv. A slightly more gripy response system or a little more oil in the bearing normally helps.

yoyonerd, I wrote a hopefully helpful guide on axle tuning. It’s worth a read in my opinion.

Oh yeah djqsrv that happens to my dv888 sometimes. But when I lightly tap it it stops and doesn’t come back.

Bad throws DO cause vibes :smiley:

hubs can cause vibe and sides that dont weigh the same cause vibe. it basicaly has to do with the weight of the yoyo :-X

fixed. not on all yoyo’s.

Yes, it seems to me that any super-ultra-mega-amazing yoyo will still vibe if you throw an insecure sleeper, by that I mean not a straight and clean sleeper :smiley: